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I’m Okay.............

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Depression is something that affects us all - it’s important to remember, that we have control over our minds - when you go under, embrace it but don’t give in to it - you’re stronger than that -
you’ve survived so far & U will continue to - God & The Universe Loves You - I Love You !! Namaste ????????

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



And there it is ...... depression, sadness, thoughts of the past hurt - kiss the pillow til I’m blue like papa smurf - No. No. No. this can’t be happening ! - just when you thought you were over situation(s) - your mind travels back in time to visit the dark places... of your mind... healing is done in layers, yes indeed I get it I GET IT !!! I try to embrace it, because there’s no way to numb the pain, so I can’t feel it - the songs don’t help.. or do they ? Crying is a healing, just don’t drown in your tears whilst staring at the ceiling - who do I trust ? Why should I trust them ? Do I even trust myself ? - I’ve tried to fix the broken pieces, although I didn’t break them - & you shattered the glass again ! - well you didn’t know that I have bandages to cover up the scars from last time - sweep the pieces up this time & throw them out - I ain’t putting them back together - its just that........ apart of me went with them... I’m okay...


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