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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



In a small town in Texas, a women found out that  her husband had committed a crime and

Murdered her friend. He was paranoid that she was cheating on him with her friend. The women thought that the husband had been arrested that day but he was not. 

He had managed to escape the police for close to five weeks. Ever since the murder took place the women heard noises coming from her attic which she thought was just animals. But soon strange hints happens like food went missing from the kitchen. She heard a loud crash, coming from the attic and told her two sons to go up and check it out. They both entered the attic and saw the father. 

He had a folded up mattress and was wearing clothes from the victim. The two boys called the police and the father managed to escape the house but was caught down the road at a gas station, the police had to go down an alternate route and luckily they spotted the father and brought him in. 

He later confessed to crawling into the air ducts and spying on his wife while she was sleeping.

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