The person called me

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This poem takes us in the journey of human emotions and experiences that shape us.The journey called life and how each day we evaluate our life.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



I see butterflies flaunting themselves on dainty flowers, the euphoria, the chasing
  Its me,the child in me

I see myself in those idyllic summer days with friends, bellies bursting with laughter

  It’s me, the joyous me

I see myself stealing money from father's pocket for the coveted candy and confessing at dinner table

  It’s me, the honest me

I see her in white dress and raven hair bouncing around the shoulders, my heart skips a beat
  It’s me, the man in me

I see the man I love, his dark eyes gazing at me, my soul stirs

  It’s me,the woman in me

I see friend around through thick and thins of life, I exchange a silent note of gratitude

  It’s me,the grateful me

I see the innocent abused, my heart cries with anguish and pain

  It’s me, the empathetic me

I see myself fighting the wrongs and making it right for life

  It’s me, the courageous me

I stand on top of a hill surrounded by hills, words echoing,

  It’s me,the humble me

I see myself swimming with the sharks, dancing with the stars,

 It’s me, the adventurous me

I see myself resisting temptation and returning to my beloved every night,

  It’s me, the faithful me

I see myself raising a child not my own, hearts bonded forever

 It’s me, the loving, nurturing me

I see the fake smile in my lips and silent tears in eyes at the words piercing my heart,

It’s me,the forgiving me

I see myself turning the barren land to a paradise,

 It’s me, the motivating me

I see the hearts I have broken and tears I have caused to roll

It’s me, the insensitive me

I see the person hurting me going through pain, my heart smiles

  It’s me, the imperfect me

I see myself in the morning mirror, I see the heart, the body, the soul

It’s the perfect imperfect me.


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