Silent Questions

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Am I enough? Or just a useless thought...

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



There’s demons all around me I can’t withstand

There’s Voices in my head I don’t understand


I try to stand up but they

Keep shoving me down


Is it just me or am I surrounded?

Am I in to deep?


I came here With an open mind

I tried to learn

To learn to smile


am I alone

Or  just another useless thought?


Am I clueless?

Or just without thought


Am I pressured

Or is it just my thoughts?


Are you demons?

Or are you my thoughts


There’s paths all around me  Which one to chose

Darkness either side, where are my shoes?


It’s came here to walk

But I’m running


Am I trying to hard?

Or not enough?


I wanted to find my wings

I tried to learn

To learn to fly


Am I falling?

Or is it in my mind


Am I Upset

Or is the others

Is It my fault

I feel like this?


I am wandering through broken thoughts

Every word is tied in knots


I want to take a stand

They push me down


Am I in too deep?

Am I in over my head?


I just wanted to learn

To learn to smile…

To learn to fly...


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