Mary meets Mr. Shiny

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"Mary meets Mr. Shiny is an unconventional tale of Mr. Shiny, the glasses and Mary, the ant. Irritable, yet amusing, gentle and wise, Mr. Shiny was once cherished by his proud owner, Danielle, a
plump teen girl. Danielle has given up on Mr. Shiny leaving him locked in the closet forever. Mary is lost and looks for light to brighten her life. An unexpected meeting of Mr. Shiny with Mary
gives them both a reason to rejoice again. • Why did Danielle give up on Mr. Shiny? • Did Mr. Shiny’s dream to sneak out come true? • What does Mary seek? Get answers to these questions by reading
this amusing tale!"

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



Fast moving story that helps to introduce children to other children who need a little bit more – such as glasses. Not to mention how to deal with emotions as they begin to pop up. Here is a girl like any other, but for her strong powered eyeglasses Mr. Shiny. Alas! She has moved on to a more teen-oriented pair.

How does a semi-retired Mr. Shiny get back to the real world from his closet and bring himself to Danielle's attention? With determination to take on adventure and greater knowledge, is the answer. The book spells all out in the well-illustrated story authored by Devi Valecha in a style most suited for youngest readers of English. Valecha skilfully brings in environmental consciousness as in water, sunshine and fresh air, a touch of greenery (that has something to say), all inhabitants of a lived-in home as they battle the dangers of everyday life, stopping to sing and dance towards the end of day.

But what of Mr. Shiny’s earlier resolve, especially when the girl finds him, only to pop him back in that same resting place? That is explained as another introduction to the importance of friends, and of another well-thought out, planned exit. 

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