The Ties That Bind

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Dedicated to all that feel that family is both highly important and something to be cherished quite close to the heart.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



The Ties That Bind

By Colten Carson


The days of a long time ago,

Not a worry we never cared,

Of what the winds of change may blow,

To think of it we never dared.


Although I was often alone,

An attitude that did not band,

A charge I personally condone,

Of something, I didn't understand.


We never thought to ever think,

What the future may tragically bring,

Our friendship was on the verge to brink,

That would bring forth a great deal of pain.


When we started not seeing each other,

Unfair a separation like this,

The want of returning together,

For your company I really miss.


Like a dark endless tunnel,

The heart ever constant in frown,

At moments life felt like a funnel,

Going 'round and 'round and down.


Escape from my personal Hell,

No miracles seem to encroach,

With no wonder what time could tell,

To suffer in silent reproach.


Where you go it doesn't matter,

To London, Paris or Duluth,

There is nothing as much sadder,

Then those missing days of youth.


To what the brain may have pondered,

Your vestiges maybe very blind, 

For what happened makes you wondered,

That flows through your conscious mind.


True happiness was very dampened,

No light at the end it seemed,

Something that had to happen,

For a shroud of it finally gleamed.


When it appeared all hope was slain,

Came leaping out a family deal,

A chance to see you all again,

In the form of a Thanksgiving meal.


Years of isolation was to fare,

Worried by anger and resent,

The thoughts made a person feel scared,

Past sins that yearned to be repent.


The attitude of purest glee,

Something t'was proud to acclaim,

For spirits flying ever so free,

When we saw each other again.


There seems to be a friendly throng,

That caught us very much by surprise,

Our bond had increased much strong,

Ever since that horrible demise.


The noise around has a joyful beat,

That of domestic pride and joy,

Never imagined ever to meet,

And see my aunt's new little boy.


After the commencing meal was done,

Released from invisible duress,

Time to have long-awaited fun,

Innocence was at most purist.


When we're on that playground,

Childhood relived in the moonlight,

The memories it made abound,

To remember a marvelous night.


Once again our spirits were free,

Recollections flow back a score,

To be in the ever-presence of thee,

A feeling back to those days of yore.


To mention you much very high,

After not seeing you in years,

By the time we all say "good-bye",

It brings me to the point of tears.


When the world feels colourless,

Epically dark and very gray,

To straighten out my mental mess,

To think of you when I pray.


To see you again is a blessing,

What a precious price not to pay,

What I learned from a painful lesson,

To you I humbly say:


For people who make the heart go lift,

To those of heavy acceptance and love,

You guys in my mind are a gift,

A gift sent from Heaven up above.



© Copyright 2019 Colten D. Carson. All rights reserved.

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