Night sky

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Most of us are living by routine. have you ever stopped time for a while? Looked around? Embraced the world that is surrounding you? Your home? You suddenly feel so small. You feel so far away.
Home is right here. under the night sky.

Submitted: September 05, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



A black painting covering our world. A painting filled with details, only showing us a few dots.

A masterpiece, hidden in the deepest of colour. 

Created by the hands of an unknown artist, light found its way through the darkest of nights.

Like Yin and Yang, life was painted with only a few strokes. 

What is this I'm hearing? Twins giggling. Having a great time. Curious as they are, they dance above us. They're showing themselves to the place we call "The World".

From one painting, from one dot, form one universe.

We are right underneath. Look up. That's where everything began. And more is yet to come.

Hidden details will soon be discovered. It's all up there. Up in the night sky.

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