My Heart Walks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
To those who love completely; giving every ounce of their heart, breaking up is not just losing a significant other, it's losing what you've allowed to be your heart (for however long you have been together). For those who survive the break up, it is very much like living with an empty space in your chest. You live, you breathe, but the thing that is missing leaves a void that is felt so profoundly that you are almost thankful for the pain.

I find this a sobering fact. Love is a great many things and pain is indeed one of them.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



My Heart Walks
My heart walks outside my body everyday.
For when you left, it grew legs and walked away.

The void inside my chest,
labors every passing breath.

You're not a killer, you're not a thief,
for it wasn't stabbed or stolen; it chose to leave.

Of all the loves for which I've had many,
this story isn't new. I'm Forrest; you're Jenny.

It's a timeless tale.

One loves the other; a love unreturned.
The blind doesn't see, until eventually burned.
Every failed relationship; a lesson learned.
Yet everyday and night, I yearn.

I screach, I reach, I hurt, "God teach me to be strong."
Every day just feels so long.
You're in every movie, you're in every song.

So what'll it take?

Will it take flowers? Here's a dozen.
Will it take money? Here's a G.
Cause no one loves you like me.
It's not obsession, it's destiny.

You loved me before you fell in love with "things."
You're chasing materials, 
but I'm loving you from ethereals.
My love is spiritual, but you see
You performed a ritual,

Because now, my heart walks, outside my body.
and my heart is you.
Yet, I still live, 
and it's a scary truth.

Though I could find another and another could find me.
I'd rather be truthful to myself and leave my chest how you left it;


© Copyright 2020 James Alexander. All rights reserved.

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