Sonnet: The Shooting Star

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I love Shakespeare. As someone who loves poetry and Shakespeare, a sonnet is lyrically engaging.

This Sonnet is meant to be a comparison of a relationship with someone who is terminally ill to one of the most beautiful experiences in existence.

A shooting star is a rock that comes hurtling into our atmosphere. This experience does not last long. It enters, it burns, it crumbles to dust, and before you know it; it's gone. If you blink, if you're not paying attention, you would have missed what is perhaps one of the most beautiful things you could ever witness.

Love is a gift; no matter where you find it. To love a shooting star is to love the rarest of treasures; illusive to the oblivious, unattainable to the impatient, and unappreciated by the unfeeling.

This is dedicated to "The Shooting Stars" brave enough to share their brief yet brightest light with those who will share the journey with them. May we all appreciate them so we may sing of the streak they leave across our sky.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



How brightly you burn in the sky so dark.
To fail to look up is failure to see,
That true beauty is not idle; it sparks.
‘til it ends and it fades into mem’ry.
You burn bright, you burn strong, you burn so fast.
Your movement a streak, carves sky eternally.
Captivation removes present, and past.
Futures leave you wanting internally.
One second you’re here; the next you are gone.
A few minutes in sight; you’re burned in mind.
Some days can pass, I’ll remember your song.
Years to come, I will forever be blind.
Shooting stars’ passion burns brightest at night.
So bright when’yer gone; eyes closed; you're still in

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