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Liverpool Tears

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A free form poem that I wrote after meeting a beautiful homeless woman on the streets of Liverpool. Special thanks to Len for opening my eyes to this issue.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



She couldn’t even look at me

as I passed her on the concrete,

embarrassed and afraid, silent

shoulders hunched against the rain 

falling from the storm in her eyes,

I stop - hesitant - and my mind races,

there was once a vibrant light

and a “real” person inside reality,

in days past she walked in my shoes,

the soles of her feet above the grime,

oblivious to the pangs of hunger 

lining the pitted pathways she trod,

but now she sees, now she knows,

the half-living existence of invisibility,

constant craving for what once was free,

acknowledgement locked behind critique

and a smile the rarest commodity,

my soul moves in a subtle shift

and I find myself before her,

an offering of something unnamed

resonating between our locked eyes,

it’s a fleeting moment suspended

but the clouds mutually, minutely clear

washed away by the tears of connection,

and I don’t want to let go,

holding on a heartbeat too long

though still not long enough,

and she looks at me now,

small smile tugging at trembling lips,

forever joined in mingling raindrops. 

© Copyright 2018 JEM1979. All rights reserved.

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