Movie Night

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Another short story I wrote following the same couple from before I hope you all enjoy it.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



“Hmm,” The woman ran her finger across the spines of the books her eyes scanning them. “This one looks kinda interesting.” She muttered to herself pulling a book out from the tightly packed shelves. On the cover was a knight holding his sword up in the sky and an elf girl was below the rock looking at the boy unimpressed with her arms crossed. The woman smirked at the cover and tucked the book under her arm alongside another book she’d picked out.


“Princess,” The brunette looked over her shoulder adjusting her glasses meeting the turquoise eyes of her boyfriend. He smiled down at her like he always did when he saw her, he looked tired, but happy. “Ready to go?” The woman tapped her chin humming to herself.


“Yeah, let’s get going. I’m sure Sweetie and Oreo miss us,” She said turning and walking away from the wall of bookshelves.


“That or their just hungry.” The tall man said smirking.


“I like to think they miss us.” The woman said rolling her chocolate eyes. Her boyfriend responded with a shrug and a smile planting a kiss on her forehead.


“So what did you get?” The woman asked glancing at the unusually high stack of movies her boyfriend was holding.


“Only all the harry potter movies ever made!”  He said dramatically showing off the DVD cases as if he where a salesman trying to showcase something. His girlfriend's eyes rolled at him, “Don’t roll your eyes at me.” He warned raising his eyebrow.


“I just forgot that you declared that we were going to watch the entire Harry Potter series when we got an apartment.” She paused glancing at the carpet floor of the library in a sense of nostalgia. “I didn’t think you’d remember honestly, that was so long ago.”


“It was only four years ago.” He said shrugging,


“Yeah… “ She said sighing,  “but it feels like so long ago. “


“It does. “ Her boyfriend agreed.


“I can't believe we've been together that long.” She said running her finger across the edge of the cover of one of the books.


“Time flies when I'm with you.” Her boyfriend said grinning. She groaned rolling her eyes. “Aw come on you gotta admit that was smooth.”


She sighed smiling,  “yeah, it was.”


…..After they checked out from the library they caught the bus on the way home.


The brunette adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder-The bag her boyfriend had insisted on carrying but she refused because she was stubborn- as her boyfriend fumbled with the apartment keys. The door clicked and she watched her boyfriend push the door open, jestering for her to go first like she was a princess; Well, she was, to him at least.


“Meow!” The brunettes colorful cat sweetie was at her legs.


“Yes sweetie I’m home.” She said smiling, kneeling down to pet the cats head. She rubbed up against her owners knees before meowing again. “What sweetie?”


“Meow!” Her cat wined scurrying off into the kitchen, standing next to her food bowl before meowing again.


“Hold on sweetie, mommy has to unload the books and movies.” Her boyfriend spoke to the cat as if it were their child. “I’ll feed Sweetie and Oreo, you go ahead and unload everything.” With a smile and a kiss on the cheek the woman nodded and dropped her bag on their sofa. She plopped down beside it unzipping the grey school bag and taking out her two books and the eight Harry Potter movies.


She could hear the sound of cat food hitting the kitty dishes and the soft pitter patter of their two cats rushing over eager to eat their dinner. Meanwhile she took the time to look at all the covers of the movies. Muttering each tital under her breath, thinking to herself,


(He isn’t seriously going to watch all these movies right? He can’t even keep his eyes open for one without falling asleep halfway through.)  


“Ready for a movie marathon?” She looked up seeing her boyfriends childish grin that she loved. She didn’t care if other people thought her boyfriend was childish, he knew when to be an adult, and it was cute when he acted childish sometimes.


“You know I’ll probably fall asleep. I’m not a night owl like you.” She said raising her eyebrow. Her boyfriend shrugged sitting down next to her.


“Well I’m not much of a night owl anymore.” He paused tracing his eyes back to her. “Thanks to a certain someone.” She rolled her chocolate eyes.


“You couldn’t go to school every day a zombie.” She paused leaning against her boyfriends arm. “Don’t act like you don’t stay up all night sometimes playing rainbow.”


“Hey, that’s only on Saturdays and Sundays.” He said trying to defend himself.


“Yeah, I know. You either have work or school every other day.” The woman said with a worried sigh. Acknowledging his girlfriends shift in moods he decided to sway the conversation.


“Yeah,” He paused grabbing his girlfriends chin making her look at him. “But tonight I wanna watch Harry Potter with my girlfriend.” She couldn’t help but smile blushing a little.


“You sure you don’t wanna play siege with your friend?” She questioned in her usual self conscious tone.


“Yessss,” Her boyfriend said dragging out the syllables.


“Okay,” She said not completely convinced, but her boyfriend was all too used to that. It was nothing new, it was something he’d accepted as apart of her along time ago, and it was something he learned how to deal with.


“You want popcorn?” He spoke softly as if his girlfriend was a scared kitten.


“Maybe..” She said back a little sheepish.


“Okay love.” He planted a kiss on her forehead. “I’ll be right back, okay?” She nodded wordlessly.


She relaxed on the couch waiting patiently for her boyfriend to come back, the two exchanging googly eyes at each other from the kitchen and living room. The brunette decided to make herself useful and began putting the first Harry Potter movie into their DVD player they had gotten from a flea market. She didn’t even have to turn around when she smelled the popcorn to know her boyfriend had returned from the kitchen.


“I get a feeling you’re gonna love this series.” He said setting down the large blue bowl on the small stand beside the couch.


“Maybe,” She responded with a shrug.


“Come here princess,” Her boyfriend said picking her up bridal styles from behind. She laughed trying to push him away.


“Stop.” She said through her laughter. He dropped her on their small couch, she sat up reaching out for him. “Hold on princess.” He said holding up his index finger and turning off the small lamp which was the light source of their living room. When the room became dark the brunette woman curled up against the couch a little frightened. Her fear of the dark hadn’t quiet diminished, so it helped to have her boyfriend here; Especially when she had to go to bed.


“Rawr!” He said playfully picking her up and pulling her into his arms wrapping himself around her.


“Nooo.” She replied playfully with a smile.


“You gonna be able to stay up and watch this?” He spoke ignoring the ads the movie was playing. The ads they played to try to get you to watch those other movies you don’t care about.


“I’mma stay up all night!” The woman said curling up in her boyfriend's arms, covering her mouth from a yawn.  He smirked knowing that wasn’t true.


She had managed to stay up through the entire first movie, not without asking her boyfriend a lot of questions most he didn’t have the answer too. That and commenting on things she found stupid or confused her. By the middle of the second movie she had drifted off to sleep in her boyfriend's arms. He looked down, the pair sprawled out on the couch her arms wrapped around his torso and his arms wrapped around her holding her close; Never wanting to let her go.


He smiled to himself, being careful not to wake her, he reached over to the nightstand grabbing the remote and turning off the TV. He placed it back on the stand and shifted on the sofa to get comfortable. He smiled down at his girlfriend kissing her forehead, whispering softly


“Goodnight princess.”


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