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A poem that describes how emotions transcend death.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



I don't know how long I'd slept 
when the day had turned to dawn 
but when I woke, my feet were bone 
and my skin and blood were gone 

All my senses yet remained 
whether sight or sound or touch 
I took my bones and left the ground 
that preserved my body such 

A shaky step caused a trip
I braced before the impact 
To my surprise I was unscathed 
and pain I further lacked 

Born anew, brimming with joy 
now free from corporal stress
I bounded for the nearest bridge 
and leapt into water's depths 

Endless chances were abound
to test my reborn powers 
never once stopping to relax 
though I ran for many hours

And if I desired a tune 
I could dislocate a limb 
and strum it along my rib cage 
performing a silly hymn 

I searched my cavern's conscious
filled with vivid memories
of a soul who adored music 
made with singer's reveries

Instinct drew a beaten path 
I followed at my leisure 
concluding before a window 
that hid a sleeping treasure 

Rehearsing every verse 
Inflating my empty cage 
I spoke of precious harmonies 
sashaying the moonlit stage 

My call was quickly answered
The shutters finally cleared
High above, the window opened
and my dearest love appeared

I extended my arms to bear
the beauty about to collapse
but all that fell were awful cries
and the window slammed with gasps

Solitude turned to silence
as I stood a bit abashed
I dropped my head and left with shame
an ache had come at last

Curling under the soil
I vented a final breath
The invisible wounds of life
truly hurt much more than death

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