The Shade

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Submitted: September 05, 2018

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Submitted: September 05, 2018



Officer Wilson arrived quickly to the scene. The report came in over the radio and he was only a couple of streets away.  He parked up his patrol car and, sure enough, at the entrance to the alley was the body of a man. He was about 5'8”, 40-45, light brown hair, wearing a suit, expensive too by the look of it.  A crowd of onlookers standing close by. He'd start there while he waited for backup.

“Evening folks” He started politely. “Can anyone tell me what happened here tonight?”

They all began to talk at once, excitedly and loudly.

“Woah! You there. Mrs...?” pointing to a well-dressed, middle aged lady in the front.

“Stevens” she answered, she seemed to bristle with self-authority, as if she if was her right to be the one to speak first.

“Tell me briefly what happened Mrs Stevens.”


“Well. That man there” pointing at the victim. “He was arguing with this girl in the street. I think he was trying to... employ her services if you know what I mean...” she said coyly.

Yeah, he knew.

“She kept screaming at him to get away from her, she was NOT that sort of girl but he was a bit drunk and grabbed her arm. Next thing I knew he was on his knees and then down on the floor like that. I think she stabbed him!”


“Right, what can you tell me about the girl? Can you describe her at all?” Asked Wilson.


“She was shorter than him, young too. Couldn't be more than 19 or 20. Very skinny and she didn't look very clean.” Mrs Stevens stated, wrinkling her nose in apparent disgust.

“Dark blonde/brown hair. I think she might be homeless.” answered Mrs Stevens, again that nose wrinkle.


“Did you see what she was wearing at all?” Asked the officer.


Mrs Stevens replied “Jeans. Blue jeans and a white coat. When he collapsed she ran off down the alley and...”

“THAT alley?” interrupted Wilson, pointing past the body.

“Yes, why...?”

“Miss, that's a dead-end” replied Wilson, already putting away his notebook and moving towards the alley mouth.


He stared down into the gloom; examining the body on the way past. No signs of bleeding or wounds. There were haemorrhages in the eyes, a sign of asphyxiation but no bruising around the throat. Cyanosis around the lips, almost like he was smothered but that was a slow process and didn't fit with the Mrs Steven's account of the events. An autopsy would tell them more.


A few businesses had back doors here but it was definitely a dead-end. She had to still be down there but, in the shallow pools of light given off by street-lights, he couldn't see her. The officer stalked slowly down the alley. One hand on his baton, just in case. He could feel the onlookers at the alley entrance watching him. He could hear her sobbing before he finally saw her feet sticking out from behind the bins further down. She was sitting in a pool of yellowish light from the security light above.


“Miss. Are you ok?” He asked gently, walking in a wide arc around the bin she was curled up against.


“STAY AWAY! DON'T COME NEAR ME!” the girl screamed at him. Her voice shrill with fear.


“Miss, I'm a Police officer. I'm here to help, OK?”

“GET AWAY. DON'T... JUST DON'T COME NEAR ME. PLEASE!” her hands pointed outwards as if to push him away.

“Can you tell me what happened out there? Are you hurt?” Wilson was genuinely worried, she seemed terrified. She was too skinny and looked cold. She'd been on the streets a long time. He made a mental note to get her some hot food when they got back to HQ.


“You have to stay back! It'll GET you! I warned him! Stay away from me! STAY AWAY FROM ME!” her cries fading into deep, wracking sobs.

“Miss you're safe. I'm here to help OK. There's no-one going to get you.”

“Not me! YOU! It needs me!” she cried.

“Sorry?” He asked.

“My... My shadow. It'll get you too!” she said despairingly.


Officer Wilson gave a nervous laugh and flicked his eyes to her shadow on the wall.

“Miss, I'm just going to make a call on my radio, OK.”

He pulled his radio up from his chest to request an ambulance. She clearly needed medical attention, but as he went to speak he realised something wasn't right at all.


The shadow on the wall. It shouldn't be there. The light was above her; it should be on the ground. Also, it looked like it was standing up while she was sat on the floor. It was dark too, more than just black, it had depth to it. Like looking into a deep well.


Officer Wilson took a step back and suddenly the shadow lunged forward, wrapping itself around his chest and face. Pouring itself into his nose and into his open mouth. It felt cold as ice as it filled his lungs and shrouded him. Wilson felt like he was drowning, the world had turned black and he fell to the ground. All he heard was the girl's screams fading into the dark.



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