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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

In praise of the name of my earthly dearest.

Melanie.  Melanie.  Melanie.
Man ... I just like saying it.

Rarely has there been a name whose syllables are so sonorous so as to support the sublime sighs of my sizable heart,
Or produce the promulgation of pious poetry in praise of a proper noun preceding the pronouns "she," "her," and possessive pronoun "mine."

Melanie.  Its first syllable actually means "honey" in Portuguese.
The sweet language of Brazil where I learned to write poetry.
So it's only fitting that I should write poetry for you.
Poetry as sweet as honey.
Poetry as sweet as Mel-anie.

-anie.  The second half of your name.  A homonym of a-n-y signifying "all",
because you're sweeter than all to me,
sweeter than any to me,
and Anie could be your name if we took out the honey,
but honey's the sweetest part of the birds and the bees,
so it's honey for me,
and "all" "honey" reminds me of Melanie.

Melanie.  Did you know that Euclid's fifth common notion is that the whole is greater than the part?
So when letters combine to create this work of art
so artfully symbolizing the affection of my heart
language agrees and names her name Melanie.

But like your body each part procures the penning of an appropriate panegyric paen of praise. 
And so I list its letters as a talented turn of phrase.


"M" ... is the first thing we shared.
Standing at the beginning of our names
like your name stands at the beginning of every list I ever made
enumerating the best gifts that God ever gave
to Man.

"M" like Mars, the Roman god of war, declaring war on the memory of every woman who ever broke my heart
so you could "M", mend every broken part.

"M" for marvelous.
More memorable that the most measurably remarkable model I could imagine.
More ... of you.

"E" for "Even."
Even though we're apart every moment is easier when each eye eagerly examines every effervescent effigy of your effulgent eyes emitted as an electronic emissary of your enduring elegance. 
(That's Snapchat by the way). 


"L" for longing, languishing, lust.
For lingering looks like Lauren Hill as she Turns the Lights Down Low.

"L" for my laconic way of labeling the length of your long legs as lovely. 

"L" for the lengthening of lunar revolutions while I look for your alluring outline to light up my lurid life.

"A" for all the things I'll never say ... but you deserve to hear.

"A" for all the atrocities which accrue when my less than altruistic alter ego insults the awesome actuality of you. 

"A" for any deed left undone when my aptitude for appropriate affection is accidentally affected by any asinine action antagonistic to the augurs of Aphrodite, the lover of laughter.

"N" for never. 
Never did the neurons of my neo-classical soul know the nervousness of the numerous numinous neon nights I was nestled in the newly numbered notches of your night stand. 

"N" for the nearness of your heart to mine,
knowing what no one has ever known,
needing what neither night nor noon has ever noted as necessary.
Needing nothing but the never-ending nostalgia of notice by my non-nictating never fading nocturnal stare. 

"I" for indescribable.

"I" for interminable.
Like my intrinsic interest in each idea you intimate. 

"I" for the "I" that with you makes "us."

"I" for irresistible.
Like the iconic iridescent incessant crescent of your smile.

"I" for indecent.
Like the amount of time I spend thinking of you ... and words that rhyme with "iridescent."


"E" is the only letter that repeats.
Because it is essential to encourage each event which encompasses us to entail an elongated embrace which encloses my body with your extremities,
encircling my eccentric ego with the extravagant existential experience of being eagerly enjoyed by someone equally enjoyable.

"E" for the end.
Because like our time together this poem too must end.
But like every exceptional execution of exciting exploits
I can promise you that each will enjoy its encore.

Melanie.  The first name I ever loved
and the last name I ever wanna hear.

Submitted: September 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Matthew Benfield. All rights reserved.

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