poetic justice

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Submitted: September 05, 2018

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Submitted: September 05, 2018



I don’t think poetry would do you justice. 

Mainly because I know it’s something you don’t believe in 

Another misguided construct that you choose to ignore 

But you see

write poetry 

It’s one of my crucial affiliations 

A life source

But I know you wouldn’t listen to it 

Not even for a second 

Because poetry doesn’t do you justice 

You live freely and without restraint 

And upon first glance I saw the beauty in that 

I have never loved someone this hard from this far away 

And so I’m writing this 

It doesn’t rhyme 

So you can’t say it doesn’t do you justice 

I’m a poet 

I love with my entire heart even when there’s more then one person 

It’s easy to love so many with so many pieces of an already broken heart 

And you remind me of him 

Not in any sense that you believe in 

You remind me of him in the best ways 

Ones that I can’t even explain 

I would say I feel like I’m home in your arms 

But that’s too poetic 

And I don’t think poetry would do you justice 

So instead you’re like a pin on a map 

You’re a resting point 

You’re a place I find comfort in

You’re apart of my journey and I think you always will be 

But not in the never ending kind of way

In the way that I’ll always think of you 

Of your touch

Of your smell 

Of your voice 

Of your addictive qualities that come by the billion 

And I’ll always think of the way that poetry 

Never did you justice 

I love you

And not in the way you want me to 

But in the way that makes me feel like I’m walking on air

Which you also don’t believe in 

You’re the puzzle piece in my riddle that has gone completely unnoticed 

And poetry? 


It wouldn’t do you justice. 

© Copyright 2019 Kat Cote. All rights reserved.

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