The Cult of the Full Moon

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Cult

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Alabama, 1850

Many slaves had been told stories about the Cult of the New Moon. Many of them had dismissed it as simply urban legends. However, some of them believed in these stories. Supposedly, the stories originalted amongst slaves owned by Dr. Daniel Millard, an Alabama surgeon and die hard Southern Democrat.  

Naturally, many slaves wanted to escape from Millard and his plantation where they lived and worked. They couldn't try to escape in the daylight, it would almost never work. Night was even less safe, as the cult of the New Moon were most active at night. However, one evening a pair of slaves owned by Dr. Millard, named Andre and Jeffery, would attempt their escape. They would do it at night. Some of their fellow slaves believed it to be suicidal, but Andre and Jeffery went ahead with it anyway. They managed to get loose and flee into the woods around Millard's plantation, and this was during a full moon. Jeffrey and Andre faced little resistance as they fled, at least they weren't being chased after by slave catchers. 

Things changed suddenly when Jeffrey and Andre were caught, but not by slave catchers. Instead they were caught by people far worse, cultists from the Cult of the Full Moon. The cultists wore terrifying skeletal animal masks and spoke in tongues. It did not matter to the cultists the race of the two men they had just captured. It did not matter to them in their ritual in the forest. 

The ritual would be a horrific thing to witness. Jeffrey and Andre were both nailed to crosses at the hands and the feet. Also brought in were Lewis and Joseph, two poor white farmers. Lewis and Joseph were also nailed to crosses by the cultists. The cultists were naked, both men and women. All of them wearing terrifying animal skull masks, some with long antlers. None of them spoke English, all of it was in tongues as they spoke amongst themselves. 

The first person to be sacrified would be Lewis, the poor farmer. A cult priest, dressed in a large deer skull mask with tall antlers, wearing a toga garment over his body, would be the one to perform the ritual. He said a brief prayer aloud in another language, and then plungedthe knife into Lewis' stomach, twisting it around while Lewis screams in agony. The cult priest would eventually shove his fist and eventually half his arm into Lewis before pulling it out. Lewis' internal organs and intestines spilled out onto the ground below. Lewis was immediately dead. The cult priest turned to the congregation around him. The congregation would all kneel, and lick the blood stained arm of the priest as he passed by them. 

The next ritual to take place would involve Joseph, the other farmer. His tongue and eyes would be brutally scooped out of his head with a knife by the Priest, and feasted upon by the congregation. A pentagram would then be carved into his chest. The priest would then slice open Joseph's throat, killing him. 

The final ritual to take place would involve Andre and Jeffrey. Both of their tongues and eyes were removed by the Priest and feasted upon by the congregation.Andre and Jeffrey also had pentagrams carved into their bodies by the Priest. Lastly, they would both be beheaded. The Priest, and several members of the congregation would behead both Jeffrey and then Andre. Both severed heads would be left on sticks in front of the four crosses. To complete the ritual, the Priest and his congregation would place a severed deer head on Andre's body, and a severed goat head on Jeffrey's, while praying in tongues. 

The Cult of the Full Moon would then vanish, until the next full moon. This is a regular occurance for the cultists, to meet and perform their rituals during full moons. They did not communicate with each other before a full moon. There was little to no trace of this cult's existence. Police and investigators are baffled. There was seldom a pattern to their horrific rituals, as past rituals had involved men, women, children, black, white, Indian. 


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