Questions To A Cancer Patient

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My mother passed away from cancer when i was 8...coming up on 10 years now and these were some questions i would have for her if i could ask.

Submitted: September 05, 2018

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Submitted: September 05, 2018



Did it hurt, not when you fell from Heaven, but when you returned?

Did you suffer in the last few moments?

Was it like falling asleep?

Did you see who you wanted in the last few moments?

Do you feel cancer eating away at you, making you thin and frail?

When you were sick, did it feel like a bad stomachache or like the end of the world?

When you couldn't talk, what were you trying to say?

Did you feel fulfilled from the life you lived?

At the end, did it feel like you were drowning in the air you breathed everyday?

Did you wonder why then?

What did you see when it all came to an end?

Did you feel like no blanket could solve the coldness you felt inside?

Or was it like a warmness like no sun could make upon your face?

Afterwards, did you feel me hold your hand?

Were those bird for you?

Do you watch me?

Do you live through me?

Is that why were are so alike?

Why can't I remember your voice?

Do I sound like you?

Would you be proud of me?

Am I on the right track?

Or am I a failure?

Am I wrong to think these things?

Is it wrong that I miss you so much?

Is it wrong that I feel guilty that I remind them of you?

Is it wrong to wish that I didn't look like you, for even a day?

Is it wrong to ask these 

Questions To A Cancer Patient?

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