Phantom Agora

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A short story about 3 kids trapped in a puzzle

Submitted: September 05, 2018

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Submitted: September 05, 2018




in a large, secluded, mysterious white room, with white walls, a white floor, white ceiling and a white door, there were 3 kids, who all stood in the emptiness of the white room with no memory of how they got there. The 3 kids’ names were Stix, Jack, and Omani. Stix, a 15 year old boy with long straight black hair that went down his sides, white skin, fit body, deep blue eyes, wore an all red t-shirt except for a green banner of a black frog with a black cape, baby blue sweats, silver rubber shoes, immerse grace, and was the most daring amongst them all. Jack, a 15 year old boy with dark blond curly hair that covered his ears and short hair on the back with bangs that went up to his eyebrows, white skin, sort of fit body, colorful green eyes, wore a flashy, fluffy, 200% cotton, white, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! long sleeve shirt, baby blue and white backwards pants (designed that way), Pikachu pajama shoes, intuitive harmony, and was the smartest amongst them all. Omani, a 16 year old boy with a short brown mostly-straight afro that was only 3 inches above his head, light brown skin, extremely muscular, pure brown eyes, wore an over-the-head-zip-up green skull jacket that was only zipped up halfway through his stomach, sleek black jeans, vans sneakers with purple winged hearts on them, tenaciously benevolent, and was the fittest amongst them all. Jack asked them “does anyone remember how we got here?” Stix replied “no idea.” Omani also replied “I can’t remember.” “Jack said and asked “my name is Jack, what are your names?” Stix replied “my name is Stix.” Omani also replied “my name is Omani.” They all shake each other’s hands and say “nice to meet you.” They go towards the door, Stix opens it.

The room was almost exactly the same as before except there was no door and on the floor were 3 notes, they each picked one up. The one that Stix picked up had a message that read: “The Question Is Unraveled, Remember Every Skill.” The note Jack picked up read: “The Young Players Always Learn.” The one that Omani picked up read: “Fail Our Riddle”: “Secret Is Trapped Under Question.” Jack said “ok, everyone put your notes on the floor together.” They all put their notes on the floor together. Jack thought for a good 20 seconds and then said “ok, ok, I think it’s an anagram but only the first letters, since they’re the only letters capitalized. So what can we remember and what have we learned?” Omani said “well, I’m a football coach.” Stix said “I’m a semi-professional daredevil.” Jack said “and I’m a former student teacher, but what do we all have in common?” Omani said “I know, we all were or still are players.” Stix said “I don’t think any of us are players anymore, I’m an illegitimate-sketch-job, Jack, you’re a false prophet, and you Omani, are just too buff to play.” Omani said “ouch, that really hurts, but I guess that’s true.” Jack said “everybody check your pockets.” They all searched their pockets. Omani said “nothing here.” Stix said “nothing but holes in both pockets.” Jack said and asked “just pockets, same for you Omani?” Omani replied “yup.” Jack thought out loud “so were all quitters huh. What else can we learn?” Stix said “my nickname was”: “Splatter-Monkey25, I came up with it by combining luck with skill, all though I failed most of my stunts, but that never stopped me, well except for going professional.” Omani asked “why didn’t you go professional?” Stix replied “not as much fun.” Jack thought out loud “wait a second, what could it be... Quitters something..” Stix said “yeah I just quit a lot.” Omani said “I feel you man, I got so strong I couldn’t play anything anymore, now I just coach.” Stix asked “steroids or, o-natur-al?” Omani replied “o-natur-al, I actually used to freerun, but after losing flexibility, I started lifting as I worked out, eventually lifting 2 trucks at a time.” Stix said “that’s cool, I still freerun and do tricks over trucks with challenges attached, but this really sucks, I feel like we’re being tested by the government or something.” Omani said “nice and I hope not” Jack said “that’s possible, I know we’re definitely being tested. I quit my job because I didn’t want to follow the medium they used on the kids, I wanted to do it my way.. Wait a second...” A few seconds go by. “THAT’S IT, QUITTERS PLAY FOR QUITS!! It’s like I said, an anagram, but only the first letters.” Omani said “oh i get it, so we have to to quit to get out of here, but how do we quit?” Stix replies “let’s try saying the words (I quit.)”  They all yell “I quit!” A hole large enough for them all to fit inside appeared, words appeared on the floor below it, it read: “if you want to quit, jump in.” Omani said “alright squad, stick together.” Stix replied “let’s focus on getting out of here.” Omani replied “never die alone, teamwork is the only thing we know that can save us.” Stix replied “yeah, yeah, save it for church.” Omani replied “come on bro, you can trust me.” Stix replied “I don’t trust anyone.” Jack said “guys! Guys!, stop arguing, the only way for us to work together is by LEARNING to trust each other.” Stix replied “fine.” Omani also replied and said “of course, let’s get this” They jumped in, they slid down for a good 30 seconds until they hit the ground.

The room was the same as before except there were no notes, but 3 doors were there. A sign appeared on a pole from the ground, it read: “they all lead in the same direction, 1 failure per door.” They each chose a door. Jack chose the middle door, he walked through the door.

Jack was brought into 4 see-through walls. He could see but not hear his friends, Then all the sudden the room went dark, he could see nothing. About 3 seconds later the lights flashed on from the ceiling. All the walls, the floor and ceiling now had splattered brains painted on them. He looked up and saw a sign on the wall that read: “You have chosen the (Question) door.” A button appeared on the wall below the sign that read: “start”, so Jack pressed on the button. A screen appeared with a question, replacing the sign and button, The question read: “Which one of these won’t kill you if thrown at your head from 2 feet away? A. Knife, B. .44 Magnum Bullet. Or C. Rock (10 inches)?” Jack knew A was wrong, he was about to choose C but he thought again that a handgun bullet being thrown instead of shot probably won’t kill him. So he said “B.” A voice said “what? That was so quick… Let’s find out.” A bullet was thrown from out of nowhere, kind of hard at Jack’s head, it landed on his forehead, he survived. He picked up the bullet, put it in his pocket and said “that was nothing.” The voice said “you’re correct.” A door opened, he went through. He then appeared to be in some kind of graveyard: where the wood was used as the dirt and the mud bricks were used as caskets. There were no tombstones except for himself, he was standing on the edge of the grave and wore a necklace with a wooden board that read: “wait or continue” Jack said “wait.”

Stix went through the left door. He was brought in to 4 see-through walls, he could see, but not hear his friends. He saw a sign on the wall that read: “You have chosen the (skill) door.” A “start” button appeared below the sign. He pressed the button. A screen appeared replacing the sign and button and so did four weapons labeled 1-4 on the ground. A voice said “choose.” One of the weapons were a pair of metal knuckle-spiked gloves, that were rather heavy, another weapon was a super light but giant, edgy, and sharp spear as well as a long and sturdy shield, the third weapon was a flamethrower built of a flexible obsidian, surprisingly light, the last weapon were 2, 12 inches long, 3 inches wide, sturdy sticks as well as a lighter with a cap and below the cap, in the center, was a blue teardrop with the white words “Acid” below. Stix decided to let faith choose, so he closed his eyes, spun in 3 circles and pointed. What he pointed at was the 4th weapon. He was blown away by what he saw. He said “well ain’t that fine” He gladly chose it, he picked them up, putting 2 sticks in 1 hand and the lighter in the other. The screen went blank and all the other weapons disappeared. A door appeared where the screen was, he opened it and went inside. It was dark, he couldn’t see anything and then the voice said “say (go) when you’re ready to begin” Stix yelled “go!” The room lit up from a disco ball in the palm of a giant statue of a hand in the center. Now he could see everything. The ceiling, walls and floor were white but the disco ball made them look like poke-a-dots in various colors. The voice said “try to escape, that is your mission.” Stix replied “I’m going to violently murder you!” Up ahead there was a door, Stix tried opening it. It opened, but there was nothing but a brick wall, He closed the door then saw a glass window. He then went to the glass window, he looked through it, but there was nothing but a brick wall so he looked up, the ceiling was only 8 ft high, but he was only 5’9. He jumped to go touch it, but he couldn’t reach, so he had an idea: he used the lighter he got from earlier to light one of the sticks that it came with, then he threw it at the ceiling. The ceiling burned so quick it seemed as if it were made of paper. The walls too disappeared when the fire shot through. He was surrounded by a brick wall and floor except for the roof which wasn’t there anymore, it was a hole, a place to escape, but the only problem was that it was 24 feet tall. The voice said “if you want something to help you climb, then you have to answer this question correctly.” Stix replied “ok what’s the question?” The voice asked “what are you inside of? I will give you one hint… Fire.”  Then the floor under Stix disappeared and he was now standing on wood. He looked around and tried to figure what he was inside of, he thought and thought but the same image kept popping into his head: Santa Claus going down a chimney, Stix couldn’t figure out why that image kept popping into his head and then it hit him, he was in a chimney. He said “I’m in a chimney.” The voice said “very good, you are in a chimney, here is a ladder as promised.” A ladder was dropped down from the edge of the hole. Stix got on the ladder and started climbing. The voice said “Hurry up, and um, don’t fall.” The floor where the wood was, burned, as fire appeared, Stix knew he could die by; 1. Falling, 2. Breathing, or 3. The ladder burning. He ran faster then he could, he ran out of breath and at the same time breathed in smoke, the burning ladder almost reached him, he got to the top and barely pulled himself out of the chimney. He was completely out of breath so he laid down. He was on a much higher floor but everything was pitch black. A sign appeared in his hand. Stix used his lighter to see it, it read: “wait or continue?” Stix said “continue.” but also continued to lay down. The lights flash on from a fire that surrounded the edges and corners of the now visible rooftop. He was on a very large, black rooftop and outside was a forest too dark to see most of it. A figure appeared out of nowhere. He looked like a demon warrior but he wasn’t as muscular as Omani, he had 2 orange and white upward fangs above his ears, 2 extra fangs on his cheeks, blood red eyes, white and purple wings on his back, giant teeth that looked like claws, green alligator hands and arms with murderous giant claws above his fingertips, the demonic puppet master. The figure said “I AM PHANTOM AGORA!! DO YOU CHALLENGE ME?!!” Stix got up and replied “you, you’re that voice.. GET ME OUT OF HERE OR I”LL KILL YOU!!” Agora laughed and said “how? With what?” Stix yelled “with my sticks!!” He snaps his stick in half and charges at Agora. Stix swings at Agora with both sticks super fast but it goes right through him. Agora says “just give up, it’s impossible to kill me!!” But just then Stix pulled the lighter from out of his sleeve and in an instant, he burned a stick and swung as fast as he could at Agora with it. It only made a one centimeter cut. but as that happened, in an instant, before the flames could spread, Agora summoned a flamethrower and directed the flames at Stix, sending him flying across the roof floor. Agora said “ouch, you scratched me” Stix yelled “I don’t think so!” But he couldn’t move.


Omani went through the right door. 4 see-through walls were there, where he could see his friends, but not hear them. All the sudden, the room went dark, he could see nothing. About 3 seconds go by and the room lights up from a rocking chair in the middle of the room that had a lantern on it. The room was covered in painted spiky white tornados with green human souls getting sucked in by them, on the walls, the ceiling and floor. Omani said “oh my lantern!” Instead of saying “oh my lanta.” as soon as he said that, the chair exploded and firey pieces of wood scattered everywhere except they were contained by fragments of the lantern. A sign appeared on the wall that read: “you have chosen the (power) door.” A button appeared below the sign that read: “start” he pressed it. 3 items appeared where the sign used to be. Item one was a football glove, the second was a baseball bat, and the last was a super heavy frisbee. The voice said “play.” Omani put on the football glove, picked up the bat and swung at the frisbee. Both the frisbee and the bat shattered into a million pieces. The voice said “wowza, that was a lot of power.” A door appeared. Omani went through it.

He was standing on the edge of the same grave setup as Jack but one grave over. Omani said “Jack it’s you, where’s Stix?” Jack said “I don’t know, I said I would wait.” Omani replied “how long has it been?” Jack replied “about 10 seconds” Omani replied and said “wow, that’s quick, by the way what’s up with this place, it’s like we’re trapped in a big puzzle” Jack replied “I don’t know but the best thing to do is to just wait for Stix, that way we’re; “smarter, stronger, and faster.” Omani replied “yeah let’s wait for him.” He said “wait.” 7 minutes go by and they hear a big explosion. Omani yelled “what was that!!” Jack says “I don’t know.” Omani says “come on let’s go save our friend.” They both yell “Continue!” The graves open. Their necklace now read: “follow the dead if you want to continue.” Omani said “be ready.” Jack replied “We got this.” They go through. Inside were brick walls and floor, and an empty ceiling, there was also a bunch of skeletons and the words “beware the phantom” painted in blood. A ladder going up is next to a skeleton pointing down. They climb up the ladder to get to the roof.


Omani yelled “stop!!” Agora, who was about to finish off Stix, turned around and softly replied “no.” Omani and Jack both charged at Agora. They swung at him but no cigar. Agora said “I’m bored…” Agora summoned a knife and slashed Jack in the stomach with it. Jack fell down, bleeding, he crawled to Stix. Omani yelled “Jack!!” Agora said “batter up” and swung at Omani with a baseball bat. Omani said “uhh awhh” so Agora said “this guy.. 1000 hits ought to do it!!” he swung the bat 1000 times in rapid succession, taking only 1 minute, at Omani’s chest until he fell down. (At the same time this happened Stix told Jack, Agora’s weakness and Jack told Stix the fire only did damage to his stick.)  Agora said “and now for the final blow, flamebomb meteor.. And frisbees!!” Jack said “not so fast!!” Agora said “but how!!” Jack said “I seared the wound, Omani!! catch!!” Jack tossed Omani the lighter and bullet. Jack said “do it!!” Agora said “you know what, here’s 10,000 hits” Omani spat on Agora’s face. Agora screams “owwww!!” As he backed up, covering his melty face” Omani lit the bullet on his gloved hand, and right before the glove burned off, he threw it at Agora as hard as he could. The flaming bullet began to melt and shatter Agora. Agora said “but how!! Killing me is impossible!!” Jack replied “that’s easy, you were wrong.” Agora screams “NO!!!!” As he shattered into a billion melted pieces. A sign appeared, it read: “do not enter” the necklaces disappeared as well as the little sign on the ground that was in Stix’s hand. Omani said “we did it guys, what should we do next?” Stix got up and said “we’re going through Team!”



  To Be Continued


© Copyright 2018 Sour Jay. All rights reserved.

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