plante of hope

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Chapter 1 (v.2) - planet of hope

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018




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Few hours later on, darkness went on retreating gradually, giving space to light, ending thus the hegemony of the night that surrendered, and let appear all what it was concealing.


The sun rose, and started painting mother earth with its rays, saluting its populations. All creatures and plants woke up and rendered the salute by voices, and movements. The sunflower stretched its neck looking up towards the Sun, while the queen of the night shrank, and the night carried away its bats, owls, worms altogether and ended.


Accordingly, it terminated all struggles, and adventures, went away and the day began


The sun went high in the sky, whilst voices imitated its direction; they were a combination of nice sweet intonations as well as rough annoying ones 


Mr. Nouh woke up, opened his vast bedroom window, to delight his eyes with such natural landscapes, inhale light air and listen to birds’ singing saluting him and announcing the incoming of a new day. He glanced at the sun that declared its hegemony over the Universe, and addressed its rays between cuts of clouds having gathered to form shapes resembling to creatures


While he was lank towards the horizon, he saw a hawk chasing a dove. Quick as light it assaulted the poor bird and attacked it with its strong claws. Some of its feather fall out, and let the wind drive it away tottering smoothly at the horizon, while the dove drop dead quickly, in a spiral way and crashed hastening crashing in the ground, terrorizing all of its surrounding mates such as birds and butterflies.


The hawk landed while spreading out its wings and lifting its head proudly, setting its paws and in one chunk, without any focusing it stabbed the dove, piercing its neck to end its last breath. The hawk lifted, once again its head, proudly threw a glance around it, announcing its victory.


Consequently to such scene, Mr. Nouh was touched and annoyed. His features were overwhelmed with sorrow. He closed the window as if he was hanging down the curtains on a stage, announcing the end of a play full of sadness and pain.


He headed towards the phone, and called his servants to prepare his breakfast, and then went to his bathroom to take a shower.


He went out the bathroom, got dressed and combed his hair. He filled his hands with liquid perfume, which he spread out on both his face and neck, to leave afterwards towards the sitting room. A while after, the servant knocked at the door; Nouh allowed him to come in. the servant was pushing the breakfast trolley, together with the day newspapers.


At that moment, Mr. Nouh started having breakfast, the servant stood few meters away, waiting for any further request, after having tuned the TV, on one of the channels, wherein the announcer was reviewing events, talking in their majority about battles, clashes, crimes, murders, and in a quick glance he asked the servant to put off the TV


Afterwards, Mr. Nouh sat on a couch looking down to the balcony, and took the newspapers which headers were all talking about international struggles and crimes, and in an unconscious manner he threw the newspapers and shouted calling the servant who came quickly to receive his master’s orders. Nouh asked him to prepare the car to go out.


Mr. Nouh rode in the car and left his palace, being 20 km away from the city, and headed towards his office located down town, at the fortieth floor of his building “Nouh Tower”


While on their way to town, Mr. Nouh saw the city, from a distance, yoking under a cloud of smoke that vanished the beauty of the small clouds swimming above it.


Upon their entry to town, he saw a bunch of boys fighting and kicking each other, while their gestures were accompanied with screams, hands movements and faces agitations


The car opened its way through the crowd, and stopped at the traffic signal, where he saw a car hitting another one at its rear side. The first car driver went out and had a look at his intact car, because cars were close at each other, and the traffic movement was slow.


He looked at the following car driver, who stated apologizing, but the first car’s driver didn’t correspond: he looked at him, gathered the most possible quantity in his mouth and spit at the floor, in a disgusting manner, while going back to his car.


The traffic moved, and finally Mr. Nouh arrived to his building. He went off the car, and headed towards the elevator, followed by the driver, carrying his bag. Receptionists stood up, showing Mr. Nouh their respect. Upon entering, he noticed his office Manager, talking on the phone, with an angry face. The latter hastened, stood up, and said: “I’ll be calling you later, and he hung up. Mr. Nouh passed by him and said: “Family Problems!” whilst his manager replied with a smile.


Nouh entered, followed by his driver and office manager, holding the mail. He was sinking in his thoughts when his office manager asked him, if he wanted anything. At that moment, Nouh turned, looked at him and said: “No thank you”. He had resumed thinking, when an old man came in with a tray bearing a cup of coffee. He called “Nouh” without either using the word Mr. or Sir, and said: “Where do you want me to put your coffee? This old man was Nouh Father’s servant, he kept on serving and he had a very special standing. Nouh said: Uncle Saber, come here and leave the coffee, look downstairs, what does such scene represent to you.


Uncle Saber: it does not tell me anything, but what is it for you?


Mr. Nouh answered: “Yes… what did you say, as if uncle Saber cut his thoughts, Oh… seeing a thing from a distance is more beautiful than entering into it. 


Uncle Saber: I don’t understand


Mr. Nouh: Uncle Saber what does this realm represent to you? Uncle Saber replied, with no hesitation: “Nothing!” and he continued his words with: “At my age, nothing, but if I was asked this question fifty years ago I would had found the answer!”


Mr. Nouh: “If you were asked to describe the World in one sentence, what would you say? Uncle Saber got quiet for a while, then he said: “Life is working for an aim and goal, when reached, searching starts again!”


Mr. Nouh: “What about struggle?

Uncle Saber: It is life!


Mr. Nouh: But you said, life is working and an aim


Uncle Saber interrupted him saying: working is a struggle


Mr. Nouh: The war and the crime, are they included in the struggle frame?


Uncle Saber smiled and said: “Do they not lead to some change? Thus they hold what I said, working for an aim!


Mr. Nouh looked at uncle Saber and said: Can’t we find an ideal World, without these struggles?

Can’t we realize our aim, without litigations?


Uncle Saber smiled and said: …. Possible… Possible… in the dream World


Nouh said: “You know that Science, through its numerous branches, turned lots of aggressive thoughts into peaceful ones, whereas barbarian tribes became civilized nations that converted from the sword to the pen


Uncle Saber: Because the aim was individual, but now he became collective. Small communities used to prefer aggression, because it is safer for them, but now that the World turned to become a small village such as molten pot, aggression turned into a reflection of ignorance, and said feeling turned away from face to get deep into hearts


Mr. Nouh: Uncle Saber, you’re amazing, you have answers being quasi real and scientific, though you don’t hold a study degree, where did you get these information from?


Uncle Saber smiled and said: I have two eyes and two ears, notwithstanding experience. I come from the naked lesser and down areas, pointing out his finger towards the down level.


Mr. Nouh: What do you mean by naked? Uncle Saber replied: oh, nothing, nothing I’m becoming old and sometimes words leave my mouth in an automatic manner, and as you know, the human being, when becoming old, his control get weak towards most of his behaviors and acts.


Mr. Nouh looked at him and said:  it is o.k., I might have annoyed you with frail issues for you, but I wish I could find a solution, so that people can live safely, secure and in peace. I think, I’m going to find the solution, and of course you will be my advisor, after I have got such brilliant ideas from you.


Uncle Saber looked at him and said: at least I will find something to get busy in these times. This is what a person needs, to get busy in order to forget or to faint forgetting the burdens of this life.


Mr. Nouh: What do you say, fainting forgetting burdens. As far as I’m concerned this deprives me from sleeping


Uncle Saber answered: yes, as far as you are concerned, but don’t impose it over others, knowing that I’ll be glad to take part in it. As you said I am your advisor, and at least I’ve been promoted in my last days. The word adviser is a nice name, I wish it’ll suit me, thanks, thank you, I think your coffee got cold.














The Search


Mr. Nouh asked his office manager to contact the best two psychologists and sociologists, to conclude consultancy contracts with them and to bring them, as soon as possible.


Uncle Saber: and what do you want from them?


Mr. Nouh: When they come, you will be with us, as a consultant


Uncle Saber: Oh, I forgot that, I’m excited


Mr. Nouh: Me too, I’m excited to leave the office. I ask them to prepare my car. “O.K. answered uncle Saber. While Mr. Nouh was getting ready to leave, his office manager got in, to say: “Sir, contact had been made with the two scientists, they are ready. Do you want them now?

Mr. Nouh said: No, send them at eight o’clock evening to the palace


Mr. Nouh rode in his car, and asked uncle Saber to come to the palace at eight o’clock, in the evening.


Uncle Saber answered: So my job started as an advisor!


Mr. Nouh smiled and said: Yes… Yes I’ waiting for you!


Mr. Nouh arrived to his palace, asked for the butler and told him: “I want to prepare dinner for four people, at the pool side. The butler answered: “O.k. Sir, do you want anything now?

Mr. Nouh: “No…No I just want to sleep. I didn’t sleep well since last night.”

The butler said: “When would you like us to wake you up?

Mr. Nouh: “At seven o’clock evening! And he left to his bedroom.



At seven o’clock, Mr. Nouh woke up. Half an hour later afterwards, he came out  of the bedroom, fully elegant, went to the sitting room, took a book from the library, which great part were historical books and novels of the most known authors.


While he was sitting, running over some book, the butler arrived and said: “Sir, do you want me to get you anything?”


Mr. Nouh said: “Yes, please get me a glass of apple juice!


The servant brought the glass of apple juice and asked: “Sir, when do you want us to serve dinner?


Mr. Nouh answered: “At nine thirty” the servant said: “Do you want anything else?” Mr. Nouh moved his head telling him no, so the servant left.


At nine o’clock, the servant came once again saying: “Sir, Uncle Saber arrived, as well as your office manager, together with two men. Mr. Nouh answered: Bring them here, and as I told you, serve dinner at nine thirty.


The butler left, and when he came back he was accompanied by Uncle Saber, the two scientists, and Nouh office manager. When the latter introduced the two scientists Professor Badih a Sociologist and Professor Mustapha a psychologist, Mr. Nouh stood up and welcomed them both, further to showing them their seats. He looked at Uncle Saber and said smiling: Welcome Dear Advisor. He addressed to the two scientists and said: I do thank you for coming, you might ask me about the reason of your invitation. Really, there is a very important issue, as far as I’m concerned, I would like to participate strongly in it, I want your support, and I know that as soon I inform you about it you will feel its significance. 


The issue, Sirs, is that I want to strongly contribute in making the Earth people live in peace. I want a land without conflicts and free of any fear.


Many people might make me a mockery, but I strongly believe in Science and its capacity to make changes. I think that psychology and sociology are amongst sciences, the most interested in such matters, and this is why I asked for you.


I want to discuss this phenomenon through you: its motives, and how to get rid of them. I brought uncle Saber with you two, to benefit of his experience, since he won it through his long age and due to his witnessing the development that hit our community


Professor Badih: Effectively, this issue concerned lots of people mind, since seeking after a community living in peace is a noble aim for everybody. Sciences changed lots of petrified concepts; actually, the World is living in a sort of peaceful harmony in comparison with previous epochs.


Mr. Nouh: So in your opinion, what are the motives of these conflicts?


Professor Badih: “There are many reasons; amongst which there is for example, the difficulty people find to communicate with each other, to exchange positive thoughts, and to annihilate any negative one, as well as the miscellaneous thoughts, which are positive for some community while its is negative for another one, in addition to customs, practices, nature of people, their social classes, all of which create split communities, being isolated from each other, which issue raises discrimination and the latter is the milestone of all these conflicts.


Uncle Saber: But we are seeing this conflict in our community though we have the same language, beliefs, customs and practices.


Professor Badih: But, we didn’t take up the community classes


Professor Mustapha: There is an important factor which is the incentive or the goal, the way to reach it, whether the mean is ethical or not, to fulfill psychological requirements, which might be essential or accessory. I think that incentive represents the highest rate of conflicts hitting both the community and individuals equally. Intellectuals tried to find virtuous communities, through socialism and democracy; they forgot or pretended forgetting the incentives issue. The main reason might refer to unknown or non declared issues or thoughts,


Mr. Nouh: So, now we are aware of the causes, what are then the solutions?


Professor Mustapha: Effectively, the mind cannot find these issues’ solutions. The greatest proof refers to the fact that all beliefs are waiting for the savior who will spread justice and peace all over the Earth, whilst the Wolf and the lamb walk side by side.


Mr. Nouh: So, you think that we need a miracle.


Professor Mustapha: Unfortunately, yes!


Mr. Nouh kept silent for a while; he looked at uncle Saber and saw him trying to prevent many butterflies to reach the light of the lamp. Mr. Nouh told him: “What are you doing? He replied: “I’m trying to prevent them from committing suicide, but they don’t care”.

Mr. Nouh: “Don’t you have any comment on the issue, as of your quality of adviser?”

Uncle Saber: Ha! I think your name reminds me about an old event,

Nouh: “What do you mean?


Uncle Saber: I mean (Noah Arch) he constructed it for a reason similar to your issue, changing; this was its aim, wasn’t it? Mr. Nouh, looked at him surprised and looked at the people surrounding him and said: Eureka, I found it, Noah Arch!


Mr. Nouh kept quiet for a while then he addressed to every one and said: “Noah Arch was for a Noble aim, Why don’t we get our own arch.” He leaned his seat, put his hands behind his head stretched his feet and murmured: “Yes, Noah Arch 2. he resumed his position and said: “You are amazing, uncle Saber!”


The butler arrived and said: Sir, dinner is ready, upon your request by the swimming pool side.


Mr. Nouh: Sirs, let go to the swimming pool. Every body stood up, but uncle Saber said: I ask you to kindly allow me to stay here, I’ missing my friend, the butler. I think I’m not going to bring you anything. I don’t concentrate any more, and of course, this is due to my aging. 


Nouh said: No problem and he looked at the two scientists and said, with a smile: “Come on Sirs, we will go without the adviser!


Every body got to the table set for dinner and started eating. Nouh lifted his head and addressed to the two scientists: “Can we continue our discussion while eating?”


They answered: “it is o.k. sir”


Mr. Nouh: “Since we now know the reasons or the impediments causing discrimination as you said, can’t we cancel such discrimination?”


Badih:  We can conduct a study including a section from one community, talking the same language, having the same beliefs, a uniform patrimony and of course one color. 


Professor Mustapha: What about motives


Mr. Nouh: We cancel them

Mustapha: How

Mr. Nouh: Would you give me the definition of the word” Motive”

Mustapha: it is an aim a person seeks after

Mr. Nouh: can’t we restrict such aims to their numerousness significance

Mustapha: Yes, they are money, fame, control and love

Mr. Nouh: Are these motives affected by environment or community

Professor Mustapha: Yes, and their effect is direct

Mr. Nouh: supposing there are two persons, one of whom is a Shepard and the other one is a farmer. Both of them work in a vast green fertile land with water abundance; the two parties are married and share their products. Is it possible that a conflict separates them?

Mustapha: The probability is weak.


Mr. Nouh: so, if we provide a specific community with its needs and set it away from effects, there won’t be any conflict.


Mustapha: there are other issues, that have to be studied, and which count amongst reasons causing discrimination, like for example, points of view and taste.


At that very moment, uncle Saber arrived and saying that it was one o’clock after midnight. Mr. Nouh looked at his watch and said: Yes, it is one o’clock, Gentlemen, if you like to stay and sleep here, you are welcome, but if you like to go to the hotel, the driver shall accompany you there, though I wish you stay here, to finish our conversation.

The two scientists said: We will stay, and uncle Saber interrupted them and said?: What about me?


Mr. Nouh said”: Ask one of the drivers to accompany you home


Uncle Saber said: So, my job as an adviser ends here


Mr. Nouh smiled and turned towards the two scientists and said: I’ll let you the issue to activate this idea, you are better acquainted than me about people and this is your specialization.

He turned to the butler saying: Do accompany them to their room.







Roosters started crowing, morning woke up, whilst night started retreating, announcing a new date arrival, giving room to Sun and its rays to show Leit Assa City as if it were a beautiful picture, hidden behind a black curtain. But this day is different of from its precedents, where birds’ songs and other animals voices were listened, but none of them appeared. There was a hurricane at the horizon, getting closer, and he had already sent its breath onto universe, as if it were an octopus stretching his hands, to get slowly closer to Leit Assa, its beautiful hill. In a just a second, this cyclone or octopus started moving trees with its bare hand, breaking every weak thing coming in its way, the hissing sound of the cyclone went on spreading and overwhelming each and every other voice, tunes, rings, breakage of things, these voices being the result of the battle and the screams of its victims.


Mr. Nouh woke up due to such tumult; he opened the curtain of his window, and saw trees shivering while birds appeared from trees fissures in a rapid manner, looking at their nests, which crumbled or fell down scattered. He looked at the other side and saw a huge eagle stuck to a large tree trunk, plunging its claws in one of its branches and leaning on the trunk to protect him from this tempest, it was moving its wings in a very simple way, so that it doesn’t loose equilibrium, as if he wanted to salute the tempest but its pride was hindering him to do so, because he is the Master of Birds. But after some hesitation, it lifted its wings very high, retreated and put its head down, to stick again to the trunk. Finally, Mr. Nouh looked down and discovered that the chairs and the table that were aside the swimming pool, had gone, since the wind projected them inside the swimming pool, he also saw the umbrella floating over the water, whilst the palace floor went covered with trees leafs, trims and other things, and they were once moving on the floor, whilst the other time, they were getting off it, to hit the walls of the palace , to fly finally and swing. Yet, those that fell in the swimming pool got relieved of this sufferance.


Mr. Nouh closed the curtain; he went in the bathroom, got dressed and headed towards the ground floor of his castle. Upon arriving at the lobby, he saw, from a distance, uncle Saber.

  • “ Didn’t you go home?
  • Uncle Saber, who was standing with the butler approached and said: “ Yes, I went home.
  • Mr. Nouh: “And how did you come?
  • Uncle Saber: by Bus
  • Mr. Nouh: By bus, as I know the bus stops at a mile off the castle
  • Uncle Saber: I crossed said mile on my feet
  • Mr. Nouh: And, what about the storm? 
  • What about the storm, effectively, I like it. Since it gives me a life sensation, it interacts with me; sometimes it comes from my right side, some other time, it comes from the left one, some time it pushes me forwards, the next time it stops me as if it were a pet playing and going around me, pushing me some time, running away for the other, to come back to me with smooth beautiful dances
  • Mr. Nouh: Uncle Saber, you are so romantic, when you describe a storm, this way. Because you disagree with every real thing. Look around you, there isn’t any living creature out, birds and animals went all to their caches
  • Uncle Saber: Yes, animals and birds work instinctively; you must not compare us, we human beings, with them. Additionally, a storm has positivity, always look at the bright side of things, and never at their dark one.
  • Mr. Nouh: and what is the positive side?
  • Uncle Saber: the storm helps in trees pollination, save them of their weak trims, and dying leafs, further to giving lessons to human beings.
  • Mr. Nouh: And how?
  • Uncle Saber: For example, look at your palace design, inspite of the storm and the movement of thinks around you, you don’t feel them, didn’t the storm give designers useful lessons
  • Mr. Nouh: uncle Saber, you have a philosophical view to everything
  • Uncle Saber: By the way, where are the two scientists?
  • Mr. Nouh: Oh! I almost forgot, call the butler and as him whether he had waken them up?
  • The butler: yes sir and they are having breakfast at the lobby. Mr. Nouh looked at uncle Saber and Said: Dear philosopher, let’s go to them!


Uncle Saber stood for a while and said: philosopher, oh, numerous had become my titles at my last days, it’s something confusing, why didn’t this happen when I was young… may be because….and his justification searching was interrupted by the shout of Mr. Nouh: Come on Mr. Adviser, let’s have breakfast

- Mr. Nouh sat down, invited Uncle Saber to sit next to him, and said: Good Morning Dear scientists. They hastened in answering him: Good morning Mr. Nouh.

- Mr. Nouh: I hope you enjoyed a comfortable sleeping and though about the topic

The Two scientists said: We have a preliminary concept of the issue, but we need to continue the discussion with you, so that the picture becomes clearer, and through such discussion we may sort points helping us to absorb the issue in a better manner

-Mr. Nouh: Gentlemen, the issue in a simplified way is to resume an essay that happened at the beginning of human history, the Arch of Noah; I have a question, what is the aim or the sense to build such vessel or arch?

The two scientists: castigation for the lost ones further to getting rid of them. ….

Mr. Nouh:  Only, isn’t it a filtering operation to get rid of evil people and keep the good ones?

The two scientists: yes.

Mr. Nouh: this is what I want… I want this World to become idealistic. I want this conflicts and struggles to end up. I want a good human being, loving to all. Could we gentlemen let this idea evolve?

Professor Badih: Sociology deals with visible phenomena in communities, as an example I underline the poverty problem, being a clear phenomenon, and an obstacle to find a sound community. Poverty in itself is the product of the community passiveness. If the community were really living in brotherhood, such poverty would have been removed. I had already spoken with your Mastership about the obstacles, that don’t help finding a fraternized loving one another community, it is in brief Poverty ( which creates social casteism), language, beliefs, customs, traditions, sex and color all of which are characteristics or properties, that constituted a factor amongst those that split communities apart.

Mr. Nouh: Is there a solution.

Professor Badih: Yes, there is one, but it needs time and may not be generalized among every one

Mr. Nouh: So, you men going back to the first idea, which is to select a community having uniform characteristics, and subject it to a surveying study

Professor Badih: this is the most secure solution

Mr. Nouh: What about you Mr. Mustapha, and what is the opinion of Sociology?

Professor Mustapha: we go back to the motive, which is an instinct matter.

Mr. Nouh: Do you have a solution

Mustapha: the idea of Professor Badih is a good one, when it refers to making a study concerning a category of a community having the same characteristics, but the problem is that such category shall go back to the largest society, get affected by it and thus our work goes in vain.


Mr. Nouh: this is the core of the subject matter, haven’t I said that Noah Arch 2 is the solution?

Professor Mustapha: What do you mean?

Mr. Nouh: We will get this group to some other place, to be away from influences

Professor Mustapha: Where and till when?

Mr. Nouh: We may take you to an afar island or to the outer space for example!

Professor Badih: To the Outer Space!

Mr. Nouh: Yes, to the outer space if possible. I have read that there is an opportunity to people immigration to the outer space, and we will be the first to send those immigrants, but we need to transport a pure community free of all aggressive thoughts, to establish a civilization, based upon love and cooperation. And for your knowledge, said immigrant shall be accompanied by all sorts of creatures, such as animals, birds, reptiles and insects. We want to build a World, similar to ours, but free of conflicts and struggles


Professor Mustapha: if such an event occurs it will be a scoop

Mr. Nouh: But it occurred previously, haven’t you heard about the Arch of Noah?

Professor Badih: Now, I see the idea….

Noah Arch 2

Mr. Nouh: Yes Noah Arch 2; and now gentlemen, all what you have to do is to conduct your survey and develop it, and leave to me the place and the other issues. See you at our next meeting


Mr. Nouh left them all, headed to his castle patio, and under the shadow of a tree, he sat watching the servants cleaning the patio, consequently to the storm. His eyes went towards the garden, where he saw birds working hard in restoring what was left of their nests, while other ones were building new ones. He looked at the bottom of trees, where he saw squirrels, being also busy. Every one was mobilized, everybody was working to restitute the old state of things. Such situation went on, though the sun was getting absent and darkness started gradually prevailing, but birds and squirrels were still working actively, inspite of darkness, because today is an unusual one, it D-working and mobilization day, there is a work to be finished!


 Mr. Nouh left his place and went towards the castle, where he asked the butler to bring him dinner to his room. He went there, sit on the veranda, and started watching the Sky, that was clear, ornamented with stars, planets and comets  that were appearing from time to time, and while he was busy taken by said wonderful scene, a servant knocked at the door, bringing dinner.

The servant put the dishes on the table, and asked Mr. Nouh if he wanted anything more. The latter answered him, no thank you

Mr. Nouh had dinner, and went to bed afterwards

The next morning, he woke up early, as usual, and went to the library.




Mr. Nouh got into his office, he called his PR Manager and asked him to find by way of Internet, the Best Space Scientist or Cosmonaut , to get in contact with him, and to let him talk to him. He opened thus a file for Noah Arch 2, he went on flipping its pages, and said after a while of thinking: “ Could this project succeed?’ he put his hands behind his neck, took a deep breath  leaned back his chair, but the office phone went on ringing loudly. Quickly, he modified his sitting position, picked up the phone to hear his office manager telling him: Sir,  Professor Isaac, the director of the world Institute of Space Researches is on the phone. Mr. Nouh kept holding on the phone


He said: “ Hello!... Professor Isaac

Professor Isaac: “ Welcome, Mr. Nouh

Mr. Nouh: Virtuous Professor, you know how time is important to men like you and me, thus I’m going to expose directly the core of the topic. I have a project connected to Space. I need to have consultations with you. I know this project will be interesting and comfortable to you, and I want to see you as soon as possible

Professor Isaac: it is an honor for me to have business with a man like you, and I’m fully ready

Mr. Nouh: So what about your arrival time

Professor Isaac: whenever you wish, I’m ready to go

Mr. Nouh: So, I’m going to send you a private jet, and my office shall accomplish all the necessary


Professor Isaac: I’m eager to meet the First Businessman of the World.


Mr. Nouh: me too, See you


Mr. Nouh hanged up the phone and resumed his seat position to the back, wherein he stayed for few moments… then he stretched his hand towards the calling machine, and asked his office manager to call uncle Saber


Uncle Saber went in and said: yes, Mr. Nouh, do you want me to bring tea or black coffee. Mr. Nouh said, no uncle Saber, I don’t want anything, I just wanted to chat with you

Uncle Saber answered: With all pleasure

Mr. Nouh: what do you think about the project I’ m about to carry out

Uncle Saber: I think it is a loss of time

Mr. Nouh: What do you mean  by a waste of time. Doesn’t my project help humanity

Uncle Saber: you asked for my opinion, and I gave it to you

Mr. Nouh: I forgot that you belong to a school interested in copying while refusing renovation

Uncle Saber: you mean the primitive school

Mr. Nouh: I feel exhausted, please get my car ready, I want to leave

Uncle Saber: Fine





Mr. Nouh Woke up, and as usual, went to the bathroom, washed up and got dressed. Afterwards he went down to the lobby of the castle, asked his butler to prepare breakfast… Meanwhile, a servant came in and said: Sir, you have a phone call of you office manager. Mr. Nouh told him to get him the phone

Mr. Nouh: Hello

The Office Manager: Mr. Nouh, Good Morning

Mr. Nouh: Good Morning

The office manager: Professor Isaac arrived, I wanted to tell you so. 


Mr. Nouh: Get him to the palace, call professors Badih and Mustapha, and ask them to come too.

The office manager: Yes, Sir

The butler: Uncle Saber is here and he wants to see you

Mr. Nouh: Let him come in

Uncle Saber: Good morning

Mr. Nouh: Good morning uncle Saber

Mr. Nouh: Well, What brings you up

Uncle Saber: I brought a present and ask you to kindly accept it

Mr. Nouh: With pleasure

Uncle Saber: Won’t you open it

Mr. Nouh: I’ll but now, I’m very busy, any way thanks in advance

Uncle Saber: What is keeping you busy?

Mr. Nouh: Professor Isaac the astronaut arrived

 Uncle Saber: Do you still insist on this project

Mr. Nouh: Uncle Saber, haven’t you said that life a work and an aim; this project is my life

Uncle Saber: what do you think about marriage and kids, it’s a sacred project

Mr. Nouh: Kids in this world Full of Conflicts

Uncle Saber: Won’t you open the present

The butler came in and interrupted them saying: Your office manager arrived, accompanied by two escorts

Mr. Nouh: Let them in quickly

The butler: Please Gentlemen, get in. Mr. Nouh is waiting for you in the lobby

The office manager came in, accompanied by Professor Isaac, professors Mustapha and Badih, the sociologist and the psychologist, who arrived at the same moment.

Mr. Nouh stood up, uncle Saber stayed sit, looking to the group. Mr. Nouh said: “ Be welcome, men of Sciences and he looked to uncle Saber who kept sitting and said: “Gentlemen, please do forgive Uncle Saber, he is against this project I want you for. He is against changing!”


Uncle Saber said: “ I respect Science and its professionals, I don’t need to stand up to prove it.

Mr. Nouh: Professor Isaac, I think you are tired, what do you thing gentlemen, if we hold our meeting after lunch

He looked at the butler and said: Take the luggage of the Professor to his room. Then he turned towards his office manager and said: “ Call the Company Financial adviser, the planning and researches managers and ask them to come to the palace, before five o’clock in the evening

The office manager: Do you want anything more from me?

Mr. Nouh: No, thanks

Mr. Nouh looked at the parties surrounding him and said: Gentlemen, I would like to have tea, near the swimming pool, be at ease, all of the palace sectors are at your disposal… thus he left towards the swimming pool. He told uncle Saber: Don’t forget our meeting at five o’clock, you are still my adviser. Then he stopped and looked at uncle Saber’s gift, which was wrapped and turned to the latter and said:  Would you like to come with me?

Uncle Saber apologized and said: I’ll be with the butler, because I need him for some object, and yes, we will meet at five o’clock. Mr. Nouh continued walking and said: As you wish





Mr. Nouh set down, relaxing, and addressing his sight to the sky; there he saw flocks of birds filling the sky, while ranged in rows and their songs went sometimes high to get low afterwards. Spring had come, birds came back of their journey. A flock started  spinning over his castle, to get near the ground, their voices went high roaring as if they were a plane getting ready to land, and they went in a spiral way behind his garden towards the next forest, lead by the flock leader. While Mr. Nouh was enjoying his eyes with those travelers, Mr. Isaac showed himself, came near him and said: Mr. Nouh, do you need company

Mr. Nouh answered with no hesitation: “Hi, please do come

Professor Isaac: the truth is that, though I’m tired of my journey, I’m eager to know the reason why do you send for me.


Mr. Nouh: Can a bunch of people travel to the outer space and live there

Professor Isaac: The possibility of living in the outer space, especially for our galaxy is deemed nihil, but regarding other ones, it is possible but not now!

Mr. Nouh: You said for our galaxy, it is deemed impossible, why you didn’t say impossible!

Professor Isaac: The truth is that there is a small planet , near Mercury, which area is almost the same as Australia, we called it “ HOPE” or Planet Hope. This planet gravity is like the Earth’s, its soil is similar to ours but its temperature is relatively high, and no human being can live there

Mr. Nouh: You said that it is called “Planet Hope” that its temperature is relatively high, so why you called it HOPE? And what is relatively meant?

Professor Isaac: Mr. Nouh you are quick witted person

Mr. Nouh: Because I want to live the Hope

Professor Isaac: the rate of human being living success on said planet reaches 99% after processing the increase of the temperature rate.

Mr. Nouh: So, there is a solution of the temperature problem, so where is the problem.

Professor Isaac: it needs billions of dollars for equipment, and materials, further to other billions to transport them to the outer space, it is a huge project and money wasting

Mr. Nouh: Forget about money, and tell me can such planet be reclaimed, so that man can live there?

Professor Isaac: Yes, but he needs equipment to produce industrial rain (artificial rain) for each 20 km, in addition to other equipment to get rid of poisonous gases on the planet, and this process is only to decrease the temperature degree, notwithstanding equipments and materials to reclaim the soil, the need to engineers, and spaceships to transport them…. Mr. Nouh interrupted him saying: So, we can start the project

Professor Isaac: So, you are serious

Mr. Nouh: this project is consistent with your desires. I’m talking about a job you like, i.e. The Space. Go ahead with it, and don’t  argue about money or what you need; I don’t understand a thing neither in astronautics, nor in equipment or spaceships etc. What concerns us is to activate and develop such project, you understand ? The financial manager will be there so that you two arrange financial issues.

Professor Isaac: and what is the next step, after reclaiming the planet

Mr. Nouh: You have reached the core of the issue, it is Noah Arch 2

Professor Isaac: So you need a giant spaceship

Mr. Nouh: Yes, A giant spaceship. Mr. Nouh Stretched his back, lifted his feet on the table and put his hand under his neck, sending his eyes towards the space.

Professor Isaac: Mr. Nouh, I’ll have a walk in the garden, do you need to add anything else?

Mr. Nouh: No, Thanks, do get in touch with the people you need






At five o’clock, in the evening, everybody was in the meeting room: Professor Isaac, Professor Mustapha, Professor Badih, Dr. Yaacub- the company financial manager, Dr. Kamal- the researches and planning manager, and finally Engineer Salah, the Facilities manager


When Mr. Nouh came in, accompanied by uncle saber, he sat down after greeting them all, and said: “Gentlemen, our meeting isn’t but a historical one, to realize a historical achievement, being Noah Arch 2 Project. I made a preliminary study of such project, with all the Masters: Isaac, Mustapha, and Badih Who represent the manufacturers of this project, while Yaacoub, Kamal, and Salah shall provide support, and as far as I know, these three names, representing support, aren’t well acquainted with the project, so I’m going to briefly talk about it.


  1. the Project Name: Noah Arch 2
  2. The aim: to send a category of human beings  with two of each kind of all creatures, existing on Earth, to a planet that had been chosen, so that they live there, in order to establish a peaceful community afar from conflicts, so that its inhabitants live in peace.


After such brief, I think the idea became clear to every one. What is important to us now, is the configuration of what we are going to do. It is the plan: we have a planet, inhabitants, transportation mean, and so I will affect works. The planet, and the mean of transportation preparation, and equipment shall be the responsibility of Professor Isaac, this job counts under his specialization. Concerning, the planet inhabitants and the idea to mount colonies and provided the people needs such as rehabilitation and so on shall be the responsibility of Professor Mustapha and Professor Badih, this task count amongst their both specializations, which are psychology and sociology.


Messrs. Yaacub, Kamal and Salah will, as I have already said, assume support, and coordination with me. Now, I’ll leave you to your tasks and I’ll take uncle saber my private adviser, who inspired me this wonderful idea… By the way, Uncle Saber, don’t you have anything to say to the gentlemen, an idea or a proposal?


Uncle saber: Yes, there is one important question no there are two important ones, first: what is the name of the city you are going to build on the planet?

Mr. Nouh: This is a good question, what is the name you propose uncle saber

Uncle Saber: Of Course “ City of Dreams”

Mr. Nouh: This is a very beautiful name, including a meaning. You are amazing , what about the other question?

Uncle Saber: the engineer who is supervising the city construction has to set in his plans, a location for a tomb and a Jail


Mr. Nouh had a long look to uncle Saber, went silence for few seconds then said: Do put down the first proposal, but ignore the second one. Addressing to Salah

Mr. Nouh went out, holding Uncle Saber Hand. At the door he stopped and said to the meeting parties: Can we discuss your meeting results over dinner.


Professor Isaac: It is beautiful to discuss with you the results of the meeting, and thus all of us will be with you in the resulting image, first things first.

Mr. Nouh: I don’t want to be an obstacle for you, you all represent m, but I wanted to discuss to have fun and interact with you.

PS: Please I want this project to remain confidential. We don’t want the mass media to know anything about it.






 All of the meeting parties sat around the dinner table. Mr. Nouh came accompanied by Uncle Saber. Everybody started eating, and Mr. Nouh said smiling: The most beautiful and successful discussions occur around eating tables, but I don’t know why.


Uncle saber: Because,, those who are eating aren’t required to focus on the speaker, or they focus whenever they want to, because there is a good reason to do so, while during open meetings, you are required to concentrate and listen carefully, whether you like it or not, ethically speaking or…. Mr. Nouh looked and said: I expected you to answer on my question.


Nouh said: Let’s go to the core of the subject matter, I want to hear something

Professor Isaac: The project shall be achieved on stages

-First Stage: to send equipment, apparatuses and materials to the planet, by means of rented spaceships. There all modifications and additions shall occur on the planet to be qualified to receive people. The expected duration of such stage is of six months, during which we will give training sessions to engineers, and cadres who we’ll need to operate these equipment and apparatuses


-Second Stage: To build a campus on the planet, to shelter scientists, engineers, and cadres. This stage shall take one full month.


  • Third Stage: it refers to starting the equipment and materials operations, whereas to reclaim the planet. This stage shall be of one year and a half


Last Stage: This stage shall witness the realization of the following:

  • Installation of the facilities of the  City of Dreams
  • Plant saplings, cover the planet floors with all kinds of grasses existing on Earth. The Agricultural Department in the Institute shall assume such matter


During this period of time, we will build the spaceship or vessel that shall transport the planet first inhabitants, and this is Mr. Nouh all what concerns my task


Regarding the planet planting, we will coordinate with agriculture, and veterinary specialists, in order to arrange about the animals to be sent there. This is all what I have


Mr. Nouh: This is about the planet, equipment, materials, and deportation, what about the inhabitants of the planet?

Professor Isaac: Regarding the inhabitants this is the frame work of Professors Mustapha and Badih


Professor Mustapha: Concerning inhabitants, there is a good period of time to prepare the planet, being of two years, we will benefit of this time, to do the following:

  1. to select the section of people to be sent there
  2. to provide special programs about positive conduct
  3. to isolate them in a region in order to watch them closely
  4. to process problems,  if any
  5. to get rid of all negative behaviors and conducts, which they acquired in their surrounding communities and environment
  6. to apply practical experiences to know the scope of their interaction with the program affected to them


Finally we will provide coordination with Professor Isaac, regarding the housing issue, which is the final step.


Mr. Nouh: After having heard you plan of work, let’s start activate it. As I have already said: “ Money Makes Miracles!” I don’t want anything to stop you. See you on the fixed D Day, and before finishing my speech I want to hear once again the taking off date

Professor Isaac: The minimum delay is of two years whilst the maximum one is of two years and three months.

Mr. Nouh: Three more months are not too much. May God Bless you with Luck!

He turned to look to uncle Saber, saying: “ Do you have any remarks, since you are my private adviser


Uncle Saber: You set a plan to reclaim the planet and for the housing operation. What is your plan afterwards?

Mr. Nouh: a good question which we address to Professor Badih and Professor Mustapha


Professor Badih: Inhabitants shall be trained and rehabilitated to remedy their future problems. We will help them if there is any need to.

Mr. Nouh: Now Gentlemen, I want to have a vacation, and to stay away from you, thus because I hate to follow through issues, I don’t understand, and because they cause me  stress and anxiousness, this is why our next meeting shall be one week earlier to launching the project.





Two years and many months elapsed, since the project beginning, while Mr. Nouh was eager to start the important stage and to shift from preparation to execution. While he was in his office, the phone rang. His office manager told him: the caller is Professor Isaac, do I put him through

Mr. Nouh answered: Without hesitation, let him through

Mr. Nouh: Hello.

Professor Isaac: Good Morning Mr. Nouh

Mr. Nouh: Good Morning Professor

Professor Isaac: Mr. Nouh. Everything is ready. The DREAM became true


Mr. Nouh: This is good news. Therefore, our meeting shall be for tomorrow at nine o’clock A.M. Does it suit you?

Professor Isaac: Very Convenient

Mr. Nouh: So, see you

Mr. Nouh hung up the phone. His face reflected happiness and a little bit of stress


Mr. Nouh ordered to get his car ready. He asked the driver to go to his palace, and while on the road there Mr. Nouh asked his driver to head to the Sea. When he got to the shore, he saw many albatross birds going down first to get up next, while holding things in their beaks. Said operation was accompanied with high annoying voices, and clashes, Mr. Nouh got close to the location and he discovered that the reason behind the birds gathering was  small turtles, which had just hatched out of their eggs, and they were trying to escape to reach waters but birds were hindering them


Mr. Nouh tried to rescue as many as he could amongst them. He burst into the site, the birds got scattered, but not too far. He held the remaining turtles, and put them into water, but he noticed that birds could quickly follow them, before plunging in waters, and devoured them. Waves helped birds in pushing these turtles back to the shore. He saw that his attempt to rescue turtles was a fiasco total, thus he washed his hands, that became dirty  with the sands, with the sea water. He looked at his hands afterwards and noticed they were still moisturized and sticky, hence he rewashed them. While washing his hands for the second time, he saw a turtle that succeeded in escaping , plunged in waters, and survived this massacre


This scene satisfied Mr. Nouh who stood there, got his handkerchief out, dried his hands, and shake them and headed to his car.







Mr. Nouh Woke up, seemed to be happy, while he recalled said turtle he could rescue. He deemed such event a good omen for his project, thus he left his castle early, in a usual way, while overwhelmed with zeal. He asked to get his car ready, went to his office. When he arrived he found everybody there waiting for him, a half of an hour earlier to their meeting appointment. He greeted them and said down.


He said: Since every body is present, so all of you are zealous. Let’s start our meeting Gentlemen. Mr. Isaac, do open the session and tell us what you have?


Professor Isaac: The planet is reclaimed, the temperature became the same as Planet Earth, and its floor is green. It holds scattered small streams, and lakes.


In a simple way, the climate of the planet became similar to the Mediterranean Sea Region (Middle East). There aren’t in this globe any tropical areas, as known on planet earth. Similarly, City of Dreams was built, consisting of 150 residential units, in addition to a hospital, a square, a court yard, a public garden, electricity and all what inhabitants needs


We also planted seeds around the city for all sorts of fruits existing on earth, this is concerning the planet


Concerning the spaceship or Noah Arch 2, its length is of 150 meters, width of 15 meters, while divided into five sections


The first section includes the passengers hall, the second one is for birds, insects and fish

The third and fourth ones are for animals

The distance between Earth and Planet Hope will be crossed in six days. The spaceship is provided with all passengers’ needs


Regarding the passengers, we are concerned with their safety, thus we will , within seven days provide them with all information regarding their safety and the vessel, in general

Yet, regarding the psychic and moral sides to prepare the passengers, this refers to the specialization of Professors Mustapha and Badih

Professor Badih: I think that Mr. Nouh is ware about the stages we adopted whereas to prepare the inhabitants, by means of the plans, we discussed in advance, and in brief we did the following:

  1. Selection of the section of people having different occupations, in order to develop the globe in the future
  2. To set them in isolated areas, afar from people in order to study their conducts
  3. To plant positive concepts by changing the wrong ones
  4. To get rid of the deepened previous negative experiences, through hypnotism
  5. To make them ready for this adventure on the moral and psychic levels


They are ready now, whereas to all aspects

Mr. Nouh: So now, we are ready

Everybody: Yes, Sir

Mr. Nouh: So taking off shall be after one week, as of now

Professor Isaac: Yes, on March 04, at Four o’clock in the morning. Arriving to the planet shall be with God will on March 10 at eight o’clock in the morning

Mr. Nouh: This means that Leit Assa Inhabitants and the Whole world will get up, on March 04, in the morning while Noah Arch 2 would have already started its journey to Planet Hope


Professor Isaac: This is true sir

Dr Salah: Mr. Nouh What about Mass Media

Mr. Nouh: I shall ask the PR Manager to select some men of the domain, to cover this event, as of the spaceship taking off till its landing. But, I want to delay the news till the inhabitants get down or arrive to the planet


Now, Gentlemen, I beg your Pardon, See you on the D Day, May God Bless you all!





At 2 o’clock on March 04, being a Friday, Mr. Nouh arrived at the Spaceship Taking off site, accompanied by Uncle Saber. The three professors welcomed him as well as the people accompanying him


Mr. Nouh looked happily to the spaceship that was standing straight as a giant, Lights were addressed to it. It was of white color, and holding the following expression on its side, written in green: NOAH ARCH 2

Mr. Nouh looked at uncle Saber, while his face reflected happiness, and a large smile . He said to uncle Saber:


Dreams come true by Working


Uncle Saber answered: They did not come true yet…

Mr. Nouh: What Do you mean?

Uncle Saber: You Dream is an idealistic World, isn’t it? Mr. Nouh went silent for a moment and then said: We over passed the hardest part

Uncle Saber answered rapidly: Things that could be programmed while others are programmed in advance

Mr. Nouh: what do you mean by this talking

Uncle Saber answered: Nothing

Professor Isaac interrupted them and said: sir, Animal, reptiles, and birds’ coming on the board, occurred successfully . Now, the passengers and the spaceship crew started getting on board

  • Isn’t it a nice scene?


Uncle Saber said, addressing to Mr. Nouh: it would have been better if you were with them

Mr. Nouh Looked at uncle Saber and said: Uncle Saber, what do you mean by this?

Uncle Saber replied: I want you to see your idealistic world, to live with it, to see him closely. I want you to see things closely, because you always see and follow things from a distance


The PR manager interrupted them, when he arrived and asked Mr. Nouh permission to meet the media people, who came to cover the event


Mr. Nouh: Welcome Gentlemen, I thing the PR Manager told you what I want. I allow you to cover this achievement, provided to keep it secret. We will provide you with pictures, as soon as the vessel arrives to its destination, with God will. Don’t you see that it would be better if your story is complete

The media people answered: True

Mr. Nouh: this is what I want from you. Keep working …


At that moment, Professor Isaac looked at his watch and said: Mr. Nouh I ask your permission to give the pilots the orders to get ready to take off, because there is only one hour left


Mr. Nouh: Proceed with your work Professor

Cars started getting away from the taking off site. With the night darkness, the vessel looked as if it were a mother standing there, while the equipment surrounding it looked like the children who scattered away from  their mother, waving her good bye, by their shining and prevailing lights

Mr. Nouh looked at the sky which looked as a black fabric, ornamented with silver points or buttons. The moon looked like hanging and showing the end of a year. A black cloud got close to cover some part  of it and of some stars, such as the pole star, while moving slowly, followed by other small clouds. The Scene looked as if the sky or this ornamented fabric got tore in some part, and replaced with a piece of one color fabric, free of any brilliant points and buttons


While Mr. Nouh was looking at the sky, he heard a very strong, fearing noise


It was the vessel that started  shaking and in a second it took itself off the earth, to head in an unbelievable speed towards the sky. In just a second it pierced this dark cloud, to disappear behind it. Afterwards, there was only heard its roaring, which started itself to decrease little by little, until silence was resumed again. This silent dominated the voices of the team work, the mass media people who came closer to congratulate Mr. Nouh for the end of the first stage


Mr. Nouh thanked everybody, asked for a cup of coffee, and went away from them, while his face was reflecting a sort of stress combined to distraction. He went to a far seat where he sat, and starting drinking his coffee, looking at the horizon, sinking in his thoughts, the morning first line started to appear followed by the slowly rising sun shine. Mr. Nouh looked at the taking off site, which looked as if it were the field of a horrible battle. The technical cadres and workers wandering in it looked as people searching the battle field, hoping to find something useful, as a battle remains


This scene was interrupted by the voice of uncle Saber who said: Don’t you want to leave son? The sun rose

Mr. Nouh: O.k. o.k.





The date is March 10, at eight o’clock in the morning

The spaceship landed on Planet hope land, peacefully, at 200 km distance of the City of Dreams, in the spot affected to its landing. Few moments later, the passenger cabin door opened. The captain of the journey appeared holding two white pigeons, having olive trims hung on their feet


The captain pushed them out of the spaceship but they got stuck to him, and at each tome he pushed those out they tried to come back to the vessel to get stick to the captain, as if they were refusing to get out and asking for the captain help. The latter felt embarrassed because this occasion was filmed.  

Finally, he pushed them strongly, and closed the door for a while, there he saw the two birds landing on the vessel body, but not on the land

Afterwards, the shipping men started make coming down vessels, specially made to transport the inhabitants, to the City of Dreams. Such commutation means counted five vessels. After the vessels’ downloading, the passengers went out, while their faces were expressing stress. Their coming down took around two hours, to ride in the vessels that started moving towards the City of Dreams.


The Shipping men and pilots started downloading birds, reptiles, and animals, on many stages. Everybody noticed that all the creatures stayed still, around the spaceship, though veterinarians tried to scatter them. They remained as such for more then three hours


Then, all pilots, veterinaries and the captain as well as those who were the planet last inhabitants left the vessel and headed towards the city of dreams.





Vessels Transporting the Planet inhabitants arrived successively to the city of dreams


The inhabitants got down at the city square; each family and each individual headed to his dwelling place. The captain, representing the Mayor of the city, told them, that that night a party was going to be given, to celebrate such achievement further to removing the mantle off the memorial plate, bearing the names of the veterans inhabitants of the planet. Ceremonies were going to start at 8 o’clock in the evening.


The Mayor noticed that the inhabitants, while heading to their places, were moving in slow steps, while having lots of turning, repeated stopping, as if they were going to a concentration camp. They looked absentminded, while their faces showed stupor and sorrow.


Before eight o’clock, the planet inhabitants gathered, not for the party aim, but because they felt isolated.


At that moment, the captain or the Mayor (Raed) called Mr. Nouh, through a satellite, placed within the orbit of the planet


Captain Raed : Hello, Hello, Hello


Professor Isaac: Hello, I’m hearing you. I’m Professor Isaac


Captain Raed: Hello there, we are now in the city of dreams: we want to have Mr. Nouh Permission to…

Professor Isaac: Mr. Nouh is talking to you

Mr. Nouh: Welcome Captain Raed, Thanks God for your safe arrival

Captain Raed: Thanks Sir! I wanted to have your permission to start the ceremonies

Mr. Nouh: it’ my honor to give the permission to start, wishing you a happy life full of love, fully away of whatever thing that might stain such clearness and love. I feel happy and proud about such achievement , which you, certainly, share with me

Captain Raed: yes, of course Mr. Nouh

Mr. Nouh: So, see you later, to let you have fun with the ceremonies.

Mr. Nouh hung up the phone, and turned to the crowd counting press people, to say: Gentlemen, the operation was carried out successfully. We now have neighbors in another planet. They look like us in everything, except that we live in struggle, stress and worry, because we witness impediments and contradictions, while they are living without them. May they be happy and let’s congratulate ourselves because we helped them realizing the dream, lots of people had


Afterwards, he addressed to the mass media people and said and said: Now, you may transmit and diffuse the news to everybody, but I’ll beg your pardon because I want to celebrate my way, Good bye


The Press Agencies started transmitting such achievement. The photo of Mr. Nouh and his Spaceship occupied the first pages of the World newspapers.


Satellite Stations started having interviews with Mr. Nouh, Professor Isaac, Professor Badih as well as Professor Mustapha, further to each party connected to such achievement, which became the topic uttered by the whole World, in all its classes. Products holding the photo of Mr. Nouh with his vessels started to be seen in the markets.


Similarly, news was coming successively about the inhabitants of Planet Hope, their lives, business, each small and big issue regarding the Planet and its inhabitants. Everybody was interested in them


Days , weeks, and months were passing. The Planet inhabitants started reacting and interacting with their globe, while their news were followed and received permanently.


Yet, Mr. Nouh full interest was the Planet and its inhabitants

But, said interests decreased for Mr. Nouh, because of the sickness of uncle Saber, who was like the father, and the big brother, he used to go to, when he felt the World getting narrow.






 Darkness was dominating Leit Assa City. But the night was embellished with its stars and moon. Its fan, amongst people went out, each of whom to benefit of the night darkness and gloom his way


Murmurs and noise went growing higher, while silenced by some whistling from time to time, to be crowned with a scream


Mr. Nouh was dreaming he saw a big eagle landing in his garden, to lay many black eggs that hatched quickly, and bloody red fledglings went out, to attack him. He shouted and woke up hasting in a twisted movement that made him fall down of his bed.

As such, he stood up, put on the light and looked at himself. He groped for his body, and thanks God, this was a nightmare…


He wondered what this dream was about, and what its interpretation is. Afterward he said: A dream… A confused dream


He put off the light and tried to go once again to sleep, but he couldn’t. He put on the light, looked at his watch: it was 4 o’clock in the morning. He left his bed, and went to the balcony. He sat on his arching chair looking at the sky where stars were shining. He dropped his sight down to the ground, but he saw nothing, because the night hegemony spread out dominating it. Thus the ear only was to feel it and feel its creatures’ movements. Because his eyes saw only bats and awls, upon getting to the horizon


Mr. Nouh went back to bed, and tried to sleep, but in vain. Thus he decided to stay where he was, and his thoughts started wandering, about what was achieved, and was it worthy? His thinking was interrupted by some door knocking. Mr. Nouh found it odd. Who was knocking at his door at such a time? After some hesitation he opened the door


There, he saw the butler, with a face showing sorrow, and his eyes were pouring tears. Mr. Nouh looked at him and said: What’s the matter? What happened?


The butler said: he is dead, he is dead

Mr. Nouh said: Who is dead

The butler said: uncle Saber

Mr. Nouh: What did you just say, uncle Saber is dead?


Mr. Nouh went to the veranda, where he started tearing his hair. Then he sat on the chair, to stand up again, look at the butler and said: You say uncle Saber is dead

He left saying: yes…yes… he is dead


Mr. Nouh sat down and went thinking deeply,. His thoughts did not have any start or end, his tears were going down his eyes while he was seeing, the face of Uncle Saber from time to time. The butler came back to him and said: Sir, you know that I have never dared give you any order. Mr. Nouh looked at him and said:


You know that you and uncle Saber, he stopped a little bit… have a special esteem. You are like my father.


The butler said: Uncle Saber gave you a gift two years ago, but you did neither open it nor get any interest thereto. He used to ask me, at each time we met: Did Mr. Nouh open the gift? Did he see it? You ought to care about it, as a sign of respect


Mr. Nouh said: You are right. The butler interrupted him and said: Do I get it for you

Mr. Nouh said: Yes, bring it.


Mr. Nouh Sat down and his memories with uncle Saber passed in front of his eyes. Thus, he was smiling at a time, to cry afterwards. He looked at the rising sun and said the first Sun rise you see without Uncle Saber… while he was deeply sinking in his thoughts, the butler came in, holding Uncle Saber’s present in one hand, whilst he was holding the mobile phone in the other one. He said: Sir, a call from Professor Isaac.


Mr. Nouh said: From Professor Isaac !!

The butler said: Yes sir, and he wants you urgently


He took the mobile from the butler, and nodded his head telling him to open the present, Hello, Hello


Professor Isaac: Hello Mr. Nouh, good morning sir. I received a call from the Planet Hope, and they asked my opinion for building a Jail and a tomb.

Mr. Nouh: What, A jail and a tomb? What? But why? 

Professor Isaac: a crime was committed, the first murder crime on the planet. They have a killer and a body

Mr. Nouh: What a killer and a victim in Planet Hope, in the City of Dreams? They aren’t there for a year yet….


Mr. Nouh left the phone and looked at the butler, to say: a Killer and a victim…. We shifted our conflicts; we transmitted our diseases to other planets. This is an achievement and what an achievement!


He looked again to the butler and said: I want to sleep, I want to sleep, let me sleep, let me sleep, and he went to his bed


The butler looked at him and said: Sir, are you o.k.?

Mr. Nouh said: Leave me, leave me, I want to sleep


The butler looked at Uncle Saber gift and said: Uncle Saber, faith did not want Mr. Nouh to see your present


He looked at it: it was a paint written with liquid gold


In the Name of God the Merciful, the All Mighty


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