A Teacher Against The Opposite

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is compiled from a heart. :)

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



I feel everyday is a new beginning,

One teacher always guided me near here,

It starts by taking on your steps against the odds,

Always this teacher is a strongest symbol of the great love,

It ends by giving up on your dive departing the feedbacks,

May be we never give back what our teacher want us to count on,

You have a superstar within leading you away from darkness,

This teacher will kill the distrust,

Trust this big name worthy for an answer lost in hope,

For you are always living with our teacher as a shade everywhere,

When you question this simple dignitary made for our undemanding eminence,

Many wishes told this teacher never demanded anything,

Our story far away from this universe for your humble beginning,

Less or more every correction is a gift of this teacher,

Gave you many possessions deserving a praiseworthy honour as life on the living Earth,

May be a mentor cannot be the lifeline of our teacher,

You didnt bring this when you came here,

His readings always counted on a rebirth,

Ahead of a time when there is a wearaway on these wrinkles,

For the teacher never stoped giving away a new experience,

Your story count against the shortest epic drawing back in gestures as a smile,

How long may his guidance craft our days refreshed,

Some tourists who come all the way back home for this remeberance,

Always new memories spring up with this guide,

Feels our enemy is within,

Where our teacher want us to fight back,

And outside is a friendship valued to be loved,

Wherever his teaching is not lost,

If death mountained against the opposite,

For our teacher has conquered death,

May you take refuge in the great love why God has made these little handicrafts here,

Everyday is his teaching story,

For oneness if the need be a difficulty to connect these understandings,

You are again born here to take this teaching sweatness,

When you were born a childlike genius watched every readings without no sweat,

A teacher was there to hold your steps,

Easy as child's play this artless trust mined this story as act of one supreme foundation,

More than everything a teacher is more than any valuables,

When you grew up a sunshine gathered visited every rememberance without no gestures,

Life itself is one such teacher,

Everlasting as youth this priceless credence made this comeback as support beyond what is due,

You will be taught to shape our world with the simple offering our teacher has made for us,

Today you owe fulfilling this destiny with peace everywhere,

May be you will be a role model for the next,

Always do a favor for those grants who will fill your home with a hope beyond this gift,

Every grant this teacher has given us is a message,

Ask them wherever you will be granted freedom,

For God has given us a teacher in this human form,

May our universe spell a valuable trust in the faith we offer our prayers,

A teacher is more than a special friend,

To make a destiny safe and secure without hatred and its lusts,

A teacher is less far ahead when we are near,

To give a take help and home with all the gifts from your hearts content,

A teacher counts on this wake up call,

To drink over this delight let us respect and admire what our savior told us,

May a teacher train us always like a child,

As generations who supported what they can offer around our common home,

Our home has this friend always,

Here on this living Earth a prayer support planting this approval in your heart,

We may fulfill this greatness in every journey ahead,

So may every beat that takes to map out a destination ahead,

When teacher gave us this life for a rebirth,

Feels the closeness of one humanity needs is sharing the greatness untold in forgiveness,

Telling myself I am lost is a teacher,

From those feelings your day start sharing the unending gifts in peace,

Asking me for a fresh start is a teacher,

No wound may be so special for the faith in one human spirit never forgets the great love of God,

Sailing with me is a teacher,

Who made the living Earth renew the days of a source unplanned for this make in your hearts smile,

Renewing our bond is a teacher,

Making on these steps is untravelled but witnessed to give the abundant as our loved unforgetable gestures,

All life has gifted us is a teacher's blessing,

They who came with us for a visit into the supreme eminence,

May be a teacher is always there to guide us,

Trained your moments of greatfulness in spending what you earn for a loved home we all has one gifted,

Let us always learn for every angels gifted us a teacher,

May you unravel this magic and moment this beginning all the days for our beautiful days here,

And my teacher always enjoy this companionship with us always ahead... :)

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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