Love Spins


I ride my own Ferris wheel

of emotion. You Trifle

with my heart as if this love

to you is a silly game.

Sometimes we spin around fine

and the bijou gestures you

show me, dig out my dimples.


Sometimes you drizzle me with

sparkling kisses that leave me

shining for all those sullen

fools to envy; and love

I feel for you is mutual.

While all my thought’s center is

finding ways to delight you,


sometimes you paint me a

midnight blue, and with no sun

how can we remain orchids,

soon all our petals fall by

June; but we manage to come

back next Spring with a burly

bloom; it starts with grins all new.


As we spin forward, feeling

I can leave my hands up high,

we then begin to spin all

backwards, faster than broken glass

shards flying across the floor

Let me off! Let me walk! I

can’t take the spinning anymore.


Submitted: September 06, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Dervé Jean. All rights reserved.