My Phantom Lover 2

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The mark of a true crush... is that you fall in love first and grope for reasons afterward.

Shana Alexander

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



My Phantom Lover 2

Please Surrender Unto Thee 

A Dove’s wounded pride

Comes with a hefty price tag, when not standing at a man’s side

Emotions to emotions sweetly collide

Warmth and now it’s getting cooler outside

All the endearing whispered words have blown away

All the sentiments evaporated in the wind for a rainy day

Who dares to embrace the keys to the heart, other than you

Cannot scream, cannot shout, but the heart still requires it’s just due

Cannot get the essence of my heart back, the lock has been tampered with and then broken

Twisted back and forth until pain has spoken

No other choice but to smile, not my liking to frown, it only brings the Chi energy down

Graciously maintaining the alignment of a crown

Who needs a throne, without the reign of a handsome king

Battery operated loving is not quite the real thing

I want to drown in the passionate feel of the hard swing

As he’s dipping inside the sweeten hollow of a soft ring

Loving the echoing bliss from the ding ding

Melodies of the heart is much engaging when two flowing bodies harmonically sing

My intellectual Phantom Lover will you step up to the plate

The dessert is getting cold with eternal delays, why are you so late

However, with every abated breath, I patiently await

No debates, just stand as handsome as you are

Capture my mind and heighten it past the Milky Way, the planets, the galaxy’s twinkling stars

You are so cool

Straight forward, and not the victim of anybody’s fool

Such a turn on

Have me panting until I satisfy my own song

My bashful eyes shine for only your stance

Would love to get under that armor for a celestial dance

A sweet whispered romance

I need cerebral cortex resuscitation

No delays, make me surrender and sweetly submit to your mental stimulation

Once you remove that shield, instant physical gratification

Heart to heart lyrical rejuvenation

A silk sheet intimate dedication

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