Cruelty and Mercy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



Thrashing beams of the Moon’s light beat the disobedient beasts of the night.

“Submit!” the Moon says.

The beasts laugh and cry. For jolly or for folly?

Young beasts they are, mirrors of fearlessness and rigid yet filled with such emotion, they’ll soon crack. These young beasts laugh at the Sphinx, throwing away the cane like a bone believing their legs are stronger than that of limestone.

Zéro, one of the young beasts, a funhouse mirror reflection of sanity and strength. Screaming at the Moon, “Twas the night that caused me to bite.”

The Moon screams, “Submit!”.

Zéro climbs the tower called Eiffel, “So I can fall into the pit?”

Silence turns 18 years old. Zéro leaves. He turns 24 and throws a party like never before. Zéro meets a belle. Charms hEr, disarms hEr, so he won’t harm hEr. The Moon’s light invades the party defeating the glass as if it has no mass.

“Submit!” the Moon says.

Zéro ignores and takes hEr to Rome, only to disrobe hEr and say “Welcome home”. ShE looks behind his eyes and asks him, “What’s your syndrome?” Zéro laughs. For lust or for disgust? Spring’s grandchildren are born. Rage turns 18 years old. And now shE is beginning to get bold.

Zéro yells and abuses, only to apologize. Dominates and frustrates, only to apologize. Annoys and takes away hEr joys, only to apologize.

A child is born, they name him Un. A smart, gentle, and obedient young lad, oh how he makes his parents so glad. “My masterpiece brighter than a thousand stars.”  Zéro said. Un becomes of age and falls in love with a girl named Eleanora. Zéro thinks she’s Pandora. Un believes Zéro is misguided because Eleanora has already decided that Un is her soulmate.

Fall’s children are born. Rage’s children are born. How can it be? To think he was free. Un yells and abuses, only to apologize. Dominates and frustrates, only to apologize. Annoys and takes away Eleanora’s joys, only to apologize.

However, this one is different, Un leaves from an argument with Eleanora to return home to see Zéro arguing with hEr. Un approaches Zéro and says, “Father, I think something is wrong.”. Zéro looks and says, “I love you. You need to be strong!” The Moon’s light creeps despite Zéro placing his “love” into a fright. “Submit!”, the Moon says.

“I am no longer a misfit.”, Zéro replied.

“How much long Father? Will my children be singing the same song?” Un asks.

Silence uses the cane from the Sphinx. Winter’s grandchildren are born. And Un has two children with Eleanora. Noir and Blanc, a boy and a girl. Beautiful they are and insightful they are. Un warns them to never stray too far.  Un warns Noir to never fall for rage, “Let it only be just a stage.” he says.

Winter’s grandchildren turn 18 years old. Un discover’s Noir is fighting his sister, Blanc. To play or to slay? The Moon’s light beams in and thrashes the melancholy Un.

“Submit!” the Moon says.

Un drops to his knees beneath the stars and cries out, “I admit my blood is unfit!”. The Moon’s light grows around Un, “Are you ready to commit?”.

Un looks at Noir fighting Blanc, “Yes! So the tyranny won’t transmit!”.

The Moon becomes of blood and Un’s eyes begin to flood.

Un kills Noir.

The Sun’s light touches every valley and every hill. But still one must wonder was this for cruelty or for mercy?

© Copyright 2018 Marvin Bryant Jr. All rights reserved.

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