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A toxic love is nothing worth fighting for.

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018





As I lay in my bed, the thought of you burns in my brain. 

You branded me. 

Not with metal, but with your touch on my skin.

You took all I have and ran away with it. 

Every piece of me, you own and I just want to be set free. 

Let me go and I promise to give back everything you gave me, which wasn't much. 

You can have all of our memories too.

I don't want them. 

Even the good ones. 

You can keep them, so when you move on I'll still be on your mind and you can

remember all of the times you did me wrong and all of the things you put me through. 

Now take that and run away with it and please don't come back. 

Because every time you come back, the marks you leave on my body become more evident. 

And for some reason, I let you strike me with your words and your broken promises

like I didn't learn my lesson the last time. 

This isn't new to me, so what is it about you that I can't get over? 

The more I'm with you, the more I become immune to the pain you cause me. 

And I'm mad. 

Actually, I'm pissed. 

Not at you.

Yeah, at you, but not so much.

I'm mad at myself. 

I'm mad that i gave you all of me and now I have nothing. 

You ran far away with my heart like its a teddy bear and you're a child. 

You can hold what you have of me for comfort, but I hope you know that

you'll never hold me again. 

You can keep the old me, but you'll never get the new me. 

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