Don't Put Off Living Till Tomorrow

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Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



A lass sat on a wrinkled knee

and stared into black holes

whatever monsters there might be

looked like they’d swallowed souls


The holes to her did reprimand

They told a weary tale

The hairs on her arms fast did stand

“Don’t ever take this trail.”


The child looked with quizzical brow

And saw those holeish eyes

They narrowed and did disavow

Like feelings in disguise


“Don’t ever let your eyes grow dark

Like you see mine today.

Don’t ever on this sea embark

You best go your own way.”


“I lived a life of plenty

At least that’s what I’d thought,

I lived so long with certainty

But live, I certainly did not.”


“I took risks that were harmful

And pushed duties far away

I have not been very careful

Now what have I to say?”


“My obituary – short – will read:

“The one who swam in debt

A man plagued by his greed

A man we will forget.”


“I’ve kept my talents to myself

My heart stayed in a box

My mail piled high up on a shelf

I am unorthodox.”


“I wasted all my energies

And gambled all my time

I spent life making enemies

And now the clock does chime.”


“So to the grave I soon must go

But first I have to tell

Don’t put off living till tomorrow

Or tomorrow will be hell.”


Copyright - Sarah Dennis (therawpoet98)


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