A Waif's Lament

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Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



What is this hell I’m living in

What is this aching pain

This chronic self hate feeling

Is for my pain to blame


Progression seems just out of reach

And company a stretch

As though to ask companionship

Would cause others to retch


I fear I’m at my last wits end

The camel’s back is broke

What hope is there beyond this point

I might let slip the rope


My agony it multiplies

It festers day by day

Oh give me some prescriptions

To take this ill away


I walk through life a burden

An embarrassment to my kind

I seek to hide this face I bare

I wish some peace to find


Perhaps beneath some crispy leaves

Or river rocks I’ll score

Pieces of hope and dignity

My soul left on the floor


So hopef’lly soon my mind will find

A piece of its good self

Or else here lies the wretched waif

In ashes on the shelf

Copyright - Sarah Dennis (therawpoet98)

© Copyright 2019 therawpoet98. All rights reserved.

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