My Safe "Place"

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Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



She told me to think of my “safe place”, wherever may set my soul free

Perhaps on the sandy white beaches or under a big old oak tree


She suggested a garden or green hill; a place to let loose and let go

“Of course you’ll not actually go there but at least in your head you will know


There’s a place you can go to escape, whenever you’re trapped or distressed.

Just think of this place in your mind, dear, and in time your sweet soul will find rest.”


I pondered and brainstormed this “safe place” and thought of where most brought me hope

But as I pondered and brainstormed, I thought of no safe place to cope


Sure there were places I thought of that promised beauty… sweet silence

But none of these places could shield me from thoughts and my fears full of violence


What meadows could grant sweet serenity? What mountain a safe place to hide?

Which tree could ensure richest refuge?What flower would for me provide?


Which mammal or bird would bring comfort - would promise to not eat me whole?

How could I ask mother nature to take care of and guard my dear soul?


“Perhaps if you try a bit harder, you will find that one place in your heart”

With all due respect I have tried, ma’am, and I’ve looked for that “place” from the start


I feel like for me there is no “where”, no place to escape all my ails

Except now there is one I think of, a refuge when all else just fails


It’s not quite a “where” but a “who”, not quite someplace but someone

And thanks to this incredible person, I have a safe somewhere to run


In their arms there’s refuge and in their presence there’s peace

There’s something about this good person that just causes my worries to cease


No, I’m not concerned for my safety, ‘cause they’ve procured lots of my fragile trust

They pick me right out of my sorrows, then they carefully brush off the dust


The dust of my past weighs me down like an anvil chained right ‘round my heart

But the laughter and love that they share, break that anvil chained to me apart


The light of Christ’s in their eyes, and I know that they must know him well

Because when I spend time around them, my heart that was chained starts to swell


Only a true disciple, can cause me to feel love like that

Cause only a true disciple can reach me wherever I’m at


The darkness of shame has no hold when my Lord’s dearest servant is there

Because when I’m with them they show me true kindness… and brotherly care


How lucky am I to have found you, dear reader I’m talking to you

Your hugs and your friendship are pure gold, don’t worry, I promise it’s true


No place can ever be happy if safety is ever in question

That’s why when I’m with you I can be- happy in fullest expression


You’re one of the literal few, who my soul says “You’re safe with this one”

“You’re okay to let go and be you dear, you’re safe to be free and have fun”


When I’m with you - won’t question your motives, I know you stand tall for the right

You live your life for the battle, and I know on the good side you fight


You’re one of God’s gems and I’m sure, you’ve been called an “earth angel” quite oft’

I assure you, you really are just that- your heart, though pure gold, is quite soft


So if ever you’re down and you wonder, if you’ve done any good in the world

Just remember you have and you make all the difference to one of God’s dear little girls


Thank you for being a safe place for me to forget all my worries

Thank you for cherished  hugs, that seem to block out all Hell’s furries


I hope to be for you, what you have been for me

May blessings hard rain down on you; my prayer sincerely

Copyright - Sarah Dennis (therawpoet98)

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