Blood, Sweat and Tears

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Strength -

It’s what she’s clothed in

And should you ask, she’d tell you

“Blood, sweat and tears”

Are what she bathes in on the daily

Because what better thing

To bathe yourself in than the

“Blood, sweat and tears”

That push and pull you through

The grime and slime

Of daily life -

That same grime and slime

That caused you to

Bleed, sweat and cry -

Curse, kick and hold your fists

Towards heaven screaming,

“How is this fair? What kind of

Sick trick is this life?

Shall I die in this

Grime and slime

Through which I wade, in which

I drown?”


You are better than this grime and slime


Than this waste in which you are

Waist deep -

And she will tell you -

It is because you too are

Clothed in strength

Endowed with light

And the power to make it


The “darkest night”

YOU TOO are able to conquer


And climb higher above the

Grime and slime

Of daily life

And sure,

Maybe once you’re out of the

Grime and slime

You’ll have the fog and darkness

Still to deal with -

If it’s not one things

It's another

But remember

She bathes in

Blood, sweat and tears

For what?

To remind herself that


Blood, sweat and tears

Have gotten her through

The most hellish of times

And they will continue to

Push and pull her,

And you


Until that clear, bright day

That you no longer have to be

Pushed and pulled by your

Blood, sweat and tears


Thank God and by God

And the strength in which

You are clothed

You made it across the

“Finish” line

And yes,

Its real

It there

And you, me, her, and all others

Will make it

One day

Through, with

Blood, sweat and tears.


Submitted: September 06, 2018

© Copyright 2021 therawpoet98. All rights reserved.

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