The Prince and the Pirate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happens when a pompous prince and a gruff pirate embark on an adventure together? Conflict and excitement of course!

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



Two men quietly crept down the hall together, the darker haired man towering over the other by at least a few inches. Despite the closeness, neither spoke a word and both wore a determined expression. As the men continued walking through the hall, the walls seemed to be getting closer and the path narrower. "Something doesn't seem right here..." The taller man stopped to look around, taking in every detail in the small area—the rounded stones protruding from the wall, the smooth ground under their feet, and the flickering torch lights. "If we continue down this path, it looks like it either stops or gets too narrow to continue down. We need to find another way." 

"But Ryan, the map says this is the way to go." The blonde man spoke, lifting the map, only to have it snatched from his hands by the man named Ryan. The glared at the map, scrutinizing the faded image on it. With an angry huff, Ryan flipped the map around. 

"Klaus, you idiot, it was upside down!" Ryan snapped at the shorter male, just as something slammed loudly behind them. Both men turned to see what happened, only to find a large stone had dropped down, trapping them in the confined space. 

While Ryan took action, pushing against the stone and trying to get it to move, Klaus had crossed his white clothed arms over his chest. "Is that any way to speak to a prince, Pirate?" Klaus' sky-blue eyes had clouded over with a frustrated look as he glared at the back of Ryan's red shirt. Ryan simply replied with a grunt as he kept trying to push the stone wall aside to be free from their prison. Klaus didn't like that he was being ignored and tried to change that by getting right up beside Ryan and leaning against the stone wall he was trying to move. "Hello? Are you even listening to me now? I do not like it when you do this, completely ignoring me. The prince!" A shrill sound escaped Klaus' rosy lips as his voice rose in annoyance at being ignored. When his outburst still got no response from the rugged pirate, Klaus shuffled off to the side of the room with a dejected look, his neatly trimmed hair falling into his eyes and his lips pursed in a pout. 

After a few long minutes of Ryan trying all sorts of aggressive actions against the wall, he was starting to run low on steam. The man's work boots were scuffed and starting to fall apart from kicking at the wall, his knuckles were bruised and a bit bloody (though his right middle finger had been spared some damage because the jade ring he always wore provided some protection), and his shirt had slid down from moving around so much, exposing a jagged scar etched into the skin of his shoulder blade. Sweat dripped from Ryan's brow and he looked slightly defeated. 

"You know what would cheer us up?" Klaus hopped to his feet, bouncing on his heels with an excited grin. "Singing!" Happiness lit Klaus' eyes as he took a deep breath to start singing. However, as Klaus opened his mouth, a hand was slapped over it and he was met by Ryan's cold gaze staring into his eyes. 

"No singing. I hate when you do that." Ryan hissed in that smooth tone of his. Once getting an affirmative nod from Klaus, Ryan slowly removed his hand from over the prince's mouth. 

"Oh, now you pay attention to me..." Klaus grumbled, back to his sulking self, and now neither of the men were cheery. Not to mention, they were still stuck in the room. 

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