A Tale Yet Told

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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Acts performed; stories told,

Lies and cheats that can’t be absolved

Deeds complete. Can you uphold?

Characters unnamed; chapters I withhold.


And although indeed you have taken,

a present from you is given

A gift for some but me a curse,

as tainted by it’s beginnings.


In all, an ending marked a beginning

Yet never to be forgiven-

Facts, faces, figures forever hidden.

I pray for everyday, as others say-

Why haven't forgotten that scornful day?


What’s not seen is all the marks,

Not made by you, but all the same

Appeared only because you left a taint on my heart

Do you have the same? Marks made by shame?


Friends are told. To family unspoken.

To none the truth, laid bare or awoken.

Half truths whispered while in a state of seeing double

Never to break the utopia of my perfect little bubble.


Once popped - all will be revealed,

Facts, faces, figures no longer a myth

Stages of grief are yet to come, but,

Years later, oceans apart

The anger for you lest never been sparked;


© Copyright 2019 crazyzimbi. All rights reserved.

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