London Shadows

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Book / Fantasy

A few years ago, our world changed forever. Vampires revealed themselves to mankind and humans everywhere found themselves forced to begin a shaky alliance with the creatures that should be their natural enemies. When Verity Annis was 18, her boyfriend Finn disappeared before her very eyes. Until The Revelation she didn't understand what she'd seen. Now she knows the truth - he was turned into one of them. In her eyes these vampires are nothing more than undead abominations, a view not shared by society as a whole. But when Finn is accused of murder he turns to Verity to help him, whisking her away from the safety of her home and into the complex and frightening world of The Seat - the pinnacle of the vampire hierarchy. Before long, it becomes clear that navigating the twisting politics and relationships here is the least of Verity’s worries. Someone has framed Finn, someone who also has it in for her, and they are both in mortal danger… Rated PG-13 for moderate sexual content, violence/horror, and some language

After The End

Book / Fantasy

In the distant future the world has been changed forever. After an apocalyptic nuclear war, much of humanity has died out, and out of the ashes of their demise have risen the vampires. 200 years on from the war, the humans still live in fear. This story follows two bounty hunters, each with their own secrets, as they set off on a simple mission of revenge and end up caught up in something neither of them expected. **Warning: contains some strong language, violence and sexual content.**

From the Ashes (After the End #2)

Book / Fantasy

Sequel to 'After the End' - find book one here: