Devil at the Crossroads

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Finally finished the summary to a novel I am working on, hoping to finish it by next Spring and have it self-published (most likely on Amazon).

Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Brian is a 24 year veteran detective and until recently never questioned his career, choices in life and his effectiveness in law enforcement. Losing his wife to cancer 7 years ago, he and his 17 year old daughter Brianna only have each other.
Sean, a 26 year veteran and Brian’s old partner, is questioning everything. Recently divorced, full of anger and rage, his life has begun a downward spiral with alcoholism and violent outbursts which has led to his demotion from detective to officer. 
Mason has been on the force for almost 20 years, a miracle to some. Mentally and emotionally unstable, self-destructive and occasionally absent from work due to week long drug and alcohol binges. The only thing keeping him from falling off the edge is his lifelong best friend Alex.
Alex, a 21 year veteran, Mason's best friend and partner is weary and tired from being completely responsible for Mason and always having to make excuses for him. He and his longtime girlfriend are ready for a new life, one far away from this city. Can Alex let go, walk away and risk his friend’s inevitable destruction?
All 4 are at a crossroads with only two paths to take.
Isaac is a 15 year veteran but new to this precinct and Brian's new partner. He holds strong to the chivalrous ideals of good versus evil, being a service to the citizens and always trying to do what is just and morally right. His beliefs have made him very unpopular to many law enforcement precincts.
Luke, a complete stranger and having served in the military with 3 tours in Iraq, moves into the city and joins the force. With his charming, outgoing nature nobody questions his past or why he wants to be a police officer. Partnered with Sean, things seem ok at first but soon everything starts to unravel. Luke somehow knows what buttons to push and starts getting into Sean’s head and easily finds his wounds. He begins whispering and encouraging very awful behaviors which Sean ignores because he has always believed in the brotherhood code. Soon Luke’s ideas and opinions catch Mason’s attention and interest.

One road isn’t easy but certain and true, the other is nothing but darkness.

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