Le Monde

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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Le Monde


As I contemplate can't help but notice what the "World" can do.

How it tried to change me,

How it changed you.


Duality has you waiting on the drop, the other shoe,

That's why most cathes around here seem to be the blues,

When you first step out denial, might feel like a fool.

Don't you worry, we all with you, we caught in it too.


Obsification deceives the nation, making it look cool,

Just know it's one of many and plenty handy tools.

And the truth is this is hardly new,

Imagine for a second we we al knew.


Is the system set up against you?

All signs point to this as being true.

So now I ask, Are you part of the chosen few?

Or are you just part of the stew? 


Introspection came with all the smoke I blew,

One of those things that just isn't taught in schools.

Something that's usually lacking among crews,

Who usually like to indulge in booze.


Change the worlds or it will change you,

That's a tough pill to chew,

But be the rose that through the concrete grew.

I know deep down you feel it too,

It's time to break out from this zoo.


Let's all meditate, start with a breath or two,

then go up to a few.

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