American Queen

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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



She is an earthquake

A force of nature in the body of a maiden In the body of a soldier

A natural disaster awaits the rise of her voice It is soft and sweet, but stronger still than a hurricane

Her name is lightning, it brings empires to dust, and raises small towns into nations

She is a Queen She is the hunter of lost happiness

She is not unmarked by her disasters

That much power takes a toll

But her scars are just the brush strokes on the canvas of her soul

Each crack in her armor is not a point of weakness, but rather a symbol of beauty

For each is filled with gold and love

She is a warrior, one that makes the Spartans run in fear of her

Alexander the Great would not dare invade her lands

Julius Caesar would bend the knee

Genghis Khan would become a gardener to just bring her flowers and see her smile

I am vagabond in her empire

To say I love her would not be a lie, but to say I deserve to love her would be

If I could bend words to fashion a flower for her, one that was made of stardust and moonlight It would only be a poor imitation of her

I am a traveler, in search of myself

don't know why, but my mind prevents me from attaching to what I want to attach to And forces me to attach to stupid things

Like existential crisis

No matter how close I get to her or anyone for that matter, my heart betrays me It's almost as if every time my emotions get stronger, something turns them off

I can't turn off for her like every other girl, that's not fair to her

She deserves better

So I hope beyond hope that I can fix me  before someone else comes along

But if they do, and she's happy, then I will be content with that

I know she doesn't want me to brave stormy seas Nor does she care for mighty acts of valor

She could have nations served on platters to her if she asked

Overthrow kingdoms, and dynasties at the flick of a wrist

Brave men would flee at the mention of her name

But she doesn't ask for a kingdom

She doesn't ask for the world in the palm of her hand

Because she doesn't want it

And that's why I love her

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