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The power of an actual book!

Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018




By Carla Charter


There they sit,

Like quaint reminder of another time.

 Like blocks

and china dolls

and jacks

A reminder of an antique childhood.

Before keyboards and screens,

and words at the touch of a button.

Still seeing them piled in a corner,

 or on a table at a second-hand sale

There is something there that calls to me.

Their silent words in ink,

The sounds of the turning of a page

getting lost in the tale between their covers.

A respite from my modern day

Click here, delete this, swipe the page world

These special antiquities

appeal to me like nothing else

They bring me back to the days

When a friendly pile,

brought home from my town’s mecca of literacy,

could amuse me for hours.

These borrowed tomes could take my imagination,

like a silent magic carpet,

flying away from the everydayness of my life.

To other places, other worlds, other lives.

  Where the literary exhaust

Fueled by these words

worked its magic.

My feet, although permanently planted where they were,

While racing my mind into a new reality.

Those days were precious

As are these, still years later

The pile of books

I kept by my bed

are still there

yet only higher

Yet I bring home more

enjoying the memories

and the lives

that only a book can give me,

Welcome my friend


Here in my home

You will always have a place on my shelf

on my table

and in my bag

Among my antiquities

you will always be the precious one

that will always bring the glow of knowledge

and adventure to my house,

And so I open a book once again and I read.



© Copyright 2019 Carla Charter. All rights reserved.

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