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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Is it so wrong

Wanting to feel the presence of another heart when I can't feel my own? 

All five senses harmonizing with one another. 
Is love tangible or just a hypothetical feeling? 
We breathe the same air, roam the same Earth,  yet become completely lost within our own minds.
Equal individuals. 
A contradicting beauty we all ignore.
We are God's petting zoo
Set free into the world
Though bound within our self-consciousness
It's pretty humorous how it can take longer than a lifetime to realize who you are
Is this all there is?
A world full of breathing creatures? 
Is death simply death?
I'd like to imagine that our spirits live on for an eternity
The meaning of life is to live. 
Yet we get lost living as someone else
The interior of our homes are the only ones who will ever see us for what we truly are
We are much more than a persona
The heart is much more than an organ
The brain is much more than a mind
 We are much more than "people". 


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