Open Me Up And Read Me Like a Book

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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Open me up and read me like a book 


 But give it its due process: 

  1. Take me and look at me. Feel the cover, does it have any textures? Do you like the colors? the details? There is this specific type of books that I love, and whenever I’m searching for something I usually look for that print, are you like that too? 
  2. Look at the back, is there any information about he author? Does anything you see here tells you a bit about who I am? Maybe when looking at the way my nails are always a bit chewed up you can see that I’m very anxious, or how my hair is not very neat, ever, it will tell you I’m a little messy. Check those things, tell me what exactly is it that you see. 
  3. Open me up, and look at the font, the contents, are there any dedications? Do you see any prints of someone else’s hands inside me? That could easily be there, just a little hidden. I know for a fact that there is, and I feel like will always be, a dedication inside me to that boy who was never able to love me, because I look to please him even through other people. I’m sorry, but a story can’t really help the way it’s been written, Can it? 

Some times, between that second and third step you may find that the book is sealed, that it has a cover to protect it from curious hands. And you may have to buy it before even been able to peal that cover off, just be ware: what you find inside after buying it you might not like... 


  1. Now that you’ve gotten to this part, you’re ready to start reading, go ahead. I like to think of myself as fun, maybe you’ll find that that is true, maybe you won’t. All I have to say to that is thank you for taking the time to do so. If after a while you decide to leave, just please don’t rip out any pages, don’t scribble over any other parts of the story; after all, I gave you permission to read (if you wanted to, also to write), but not to edit. 


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