No Doubt

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This was written for that little voice inside that fuels self-doubt...

Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



No Doubt


You love to creep into my mind 

and have me second guessing

Shitting on my dreams, my hopes

and have me stressing.

I mean keeping me down

is what you strive to do.

It works sometimes, I hate to admit

but it's true.

Am I good enough... will I make it...

can I achieve this goal?

All things you make me doubt

a price that's no small toll.

My patience is something

you definitely like to test.

But I'm my worst critic,

unlike you, I do it best.

But I welcome these moments

I don't stay down long

just as sorrow creeps in

perseverence tells me I'm strong.

(Never give up)

© Copyright 2018 Prittbrowniiz. All rights reserved.

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