The Deepest Blue

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Have you ever heard the story of blu hearts? “A blue heart makes the best people in the end.”

Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



Blue is sincere, reserved and quiet...

It's all who you are,
It's what you deserved,
Your heart is like a shining star,
Like those I've observed.

My love is like the blue sky,
like the deep blue sea,
that it'll never die,
And will set you free.

In a bottomless ocean I found you,
And is peaceful and calm under the full moon,
the waters move slowly black and blue,
As we sail to dreamland any time soon.

We take our leave into the deep blue
A trip at night we have taken
Everything is brand new
the quiet feelings are now awaken.

The silent music of the sea
rocks our boat in slow motion
now you are so close to me,
Ah, my quiet devotion...

You are just as magnificent
as mountain bluebird
You are unique and different
As I've never seen or heard.

Blue is my deepest love
Blue are forget me not
Desires higher from the sky above
Certainly, I have loved you a lot

In the future I'll try not to forget
a blue love that can't be washed away
because of the fact that we have met
and that we'll see each other someday.

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