Still Here

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Submitted: September 07, 2018

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Submitted: September 07, 2018



You are still in here. 


But I know...

I know It's a treacherous fete to spot yourself in the midst of a looming, gray twilight. 

A twilight with a particular taste for you; for your unique shades that founded your life.

It is a state that routinely; however, swiftly and evasively consumes your every tone from the inside out. All until you've faded completely away. Away into the gray.


But I know...

You glance nervously in the mirror, unable to lock in, in an attempt to grasp for something tangible; evidence of exactly where you may be, who you may be, what you may be,....& why you may be,


But dichotomous fears of both seeing something and seeing nothing in the reflection keep you from gazing into your own eyes...the same eyes you've always known, but appear as a stranger's now. The pain of it is palpable. 


I know what 

You inquire:

What monster will I unearth?!

Will I only see....gray...?


Equally catastrophic scenarios.


But the act of existing in the misty gray has become far too rancid & toxic. So much so, that searching for yourself 

and risking the possibility of lost hope cannot be any worse than this result of refusing to excavate it.


So, you'll gather the courage & look this time...

but your eyes struggle to find the line.The line between that which is real & simply parallel. 


Where lies the difference between flesh & glass? 

I know you're afraid now. 

But hear this:

You will see something. That something is real.

So perplexing will that hazy silhouette of faded (but familiar) colors peering back at you be, that your distrustful feelings will emerge.

It's you, Dear. There is evidence of those hollowed-out pieces you're desperately reaching for.


Those hazy edges and washed-out tones reflected back at you are yours to keep til the very end of your fight. 

It's you, Dear. 

In time, you will appear more bright & clear. 

You'll suddenly know,once again, what you always have about your own edges & colors. You'll once again recognize their certainty. It doesn't last forever.

So remember when the world shifts to stone-cold grey & you're nowhere to be found. 

Even when you can't first see;

You've nothing to fear. 


It's you, Dear.


You are still in here. 

© Copyright 2018 J. Kara Hiers. All rights reserved.