All she is

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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



All she is


Words stall in her head

Like she opens a book expecting to find words

But instead finds a blank page


She knows the things she needs to say

But they can’t break free from her lips

Like birds caught inside of a cage


She stares as if she was looking into an abyss

The feeling of heartbreak and angst consuming her

And there is nothing she can do


Their voices all echo around her

Their laughter, their joy lingering in the air like a mirage

A mirage her gloom can’t allow her to join

But she laughs as if her joy was true


 Every day is the same

They are all darker than the darkest night

Deeper than the deepest sea

And she aches for release


The sun never truly rises

She drowns alone, unable to gasp for air

And the night carries on forever

She asks: will she ever know peace?

© Copyright 2019 Kathrina Csernis. All rights reserved.

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