Signed, A Bullied Teen

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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018




Stumbling block or stepping stone

I trip and fall because of seeds and evil deeds I haven’t sown 


Not really sure where my compass will point tomorrow

I’m on the edge as their words become weapons that fill me with sorrow


Those who pick me apart into pieces day after day

Laugh because it feels good to spew hatred my way


Ignore them, they’re not worth the trouble I’m told

It’s too late, for I know not how to heal my soul


Mother and father, know that I tried

I just wasn’t equipped to stay on this ride


I’m sorry that I’m just not strong enough

I formed a good poker face but they’ve all called my bluff


I will no longer fight this torturous fight against hate

Ending it for me is the one and only way


For those who come behind me and trudge through the same hurt

I hope you’re able to remember your worth


Cowards and bullies need love, too

I’ve known love because of you


You did your very best, so don’t cry for me

Cry for the children who will never be free


I can’t go on to even dream my dreams

All light is gone as they perish inside me

Signed, A Bullied Teen


© Copyright 2018 Heather Wilson. All rights reserved.

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