Drakula, with a K

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A mix of old movie Horror and dry humor, oh, and a touch of today's world.

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



High in the tower of a mostly darkened castle, a voice pierces the night with shrill tones of a muffled call.



"I'm coming, Master, I'm coming!" said the troll-ish looking man as he hobbled along the darkened hallway.

In his left hand he carried a bulging candle with what seemed to be the theatrical shapes of “Comedy and Tragedy" molded into the surfaces.

But these were not merely shapes molded into the surface, they moved and made sounds; sometimes laughing, other times, sobbing.

Also, the candle's flame gave a red glow to every shadow it gave rise to.

One such shadow was that of an unseen creature that fallowed behind the hunched-backed little man.


"Oh please forgive me, Master! I was playing, {"Find the Bones"}, with Mynervia in the graveyard; I completely lost track of time," E-Gore stated as he opened the lid of a beautifully handcrafted casket.

The casket was positioned on a raised portion of the floor of this very large bedchamber, and there were velvet curtains all around.

From the casket rose a tall man with dark eyes that sparkled in the light of the candle. It was the Master of the house, Count Dracula, --- that is, Drakula, with a "K".


The Count looked down and stated, "Why did you bring that beast with you? You know how I deplore it; all that snarling and the slobbering. It reminds me of my ex-wife! What was her name, ah?

"Nighttella, Master, her name was Nighttella.

The Count ignored E-Gore's reply and went on, "I thought that you were keeping that beast in the chambers below the castle. Isn't that what we agreed on?"

E-Gore hugged the somewhat transparent beast, then stated, "But she gets so lonely down in the chambers, Master, with only the rats and spiders to play with. Besides, I think she has eaten them all."

The Count mumbled something, and then replied, "Well, alright, but keep her out of my living quarters! Understood?!?

"Oh yes, Master, we can do that! Out of your living quarters it shall be," replied the little man sporting an almost toothless grin.

Suddenly a large bump rose from the top of E-Gore's mostly hairless head, which was his reminder.  So he said, "Forgive me Master, I almost forgot.

It is Vampire Appreciation night in the Village, so I have taken the liberty of preparing your evening meal; she is a gift from the Village Business Council.

From the time that you purchased this Castle the tourist traffic has grown by leaps and bounds. And the amount of gift shops, Inns, and taverns has increased tremendously, to accommodate the surge in guests.

I dare to say that the majority of the village is very grateful to the Count."

The Count paraded around the extremely large room, flipping his cape ever so boldly, then replied, "Vampire Appreciation night, huh, well it is about time that they started giving credit where credit is due."

E-Gore smiled again, with that grotesque grin, then said, "The Council delivered her in rags, and in a hypnotic state, so I gave her a good scrubbing and have dressed her in one of Nighttella's gowns.

I hope you approve, Master, I picked the white silk nightgown, the one with just a hint of red lace along the edges of the plunging neckline. 

She is waiting in the dining hall."


(Several moments of silence occurred, the Count was gazing out the window at the full-moon.)


Eventually E-Gore grew impatient, so he opened the chamber door and said, "Is there anything else, Master?"

The Count did not answer; he just waved his hand in a manner signaling dismissal to E-Gore and his pet.


After a time, and after E-Gore had left the room, the Count opened the window and changed into a bat. Then he flew down to the garden that was just outside the dining hall.

Once in the garden he changed back, then he went for a stroll just to take in the night air.

The night was warm and humid, and there were patches of brooding clouds drifting overhead; the sort of night that the Count found invigorating, so he lingered for a time before dinner.


As the Count entered the dining area he couldn't help but notice the smell of something odd in the room, like the smell of wet dog.

The Count mumbled, "I think E-Gore has been feeding his beast in my dining Hall."

But there was no time to deal with E-Gore, the Count had a guest to tend to.


So the Count gazed upon the beautiful young woman for a time. Then as he moved closer, he said, "I would prefer to put her in a trance of my own making; it adds an air of romantic dominance to the moment.

So the Count clicked his fingers and the woman was awakened from the Council's hypnotic state.


"Who are you?" the young woman asked defiantly, then she stepped away from the Count.

"I am Count Drakula, with a "K".

The woman turned towards the Count and boldly inquired, "Count, with a "K", or Dracula, with a "K"?

"Drakula, with a "K", the Count replied as he moved ever closer to the woman.

The woman could see what was coming, and seeing an avenue of escape she darted out of the castle and into the garden.

The Count soon followed, floating above the ground in hot per-suite.

The Count called out in the darkness of the garden, "You cannot escape me, my love. I need your blood as nourishment and in return I will make you my bride! Just think, you will be the Countess Drakula, of Transylvania.

So come out, come out, where ever you are!


At that very moment, the band of clouds ended and the full-moon shown bright above them.

The Count could see much better under the light of the full-moon, but what he saw was not what he expected.

There in the garden stood a Werewolf with a torn white gown falling from its body. And it had a look of hunger in its eyes!


The battle was on!!!

As the two fought under the light of the full moon, mini cameras were sending images throughout the town.

The tourists had filled the pubs and taverns. And they were wearing Count-Drakula Jerseys, or Wolfed-faced Tank-tops, others had on Wolf-mittens, or wax cast Drakula-fangs.

There were even Hairy Wolf Ears and the Bat-hats, with motion-activated flapping wings, for the younger set.

Those items and much more were available for purchase in the village retail shops.



Well there were lots of refreshments and foods sold that night. After all, who doesn't love the excitement of a good fight-night extravaganza?

No-one was disappointed, that was for sure.

After a long and fierce battle, Drakula managed to lure the She-Werewolf back into the dining hall, and out of the light of the full-moon. 

And it wasn’t long before she turned back into the strong, beautiful, but venerable woman that she was.

With all the theatrics of most Dracula movies, Drakula seduced the maiden with his hypnotic gaze.


But!!! --- And don't you know that a But would be involved, somehow.

When Drakula drank her blood, he became a Werewolf too! (Who saw that coming?)

But not to fret! It all worked out well for Count and Countess Drakula. They are very good friends and neighbors with many of the town's people.

Not only that, they are guests of honor at the yearly Halloween Parade. And after each parade, they host a lavish party at their castle; the Countess loves to entertain.


However, if Halloween falls on the night of a full-moon, the party is put off for a week. --- Safety first, you know.


Yes, it is true, on full-moon nights everyone stays indoors; the Dracula’s too.

The two love-birds, ah, love-bates, both retire to the well confined space of their home theater. There they make themselves comfortable in their Crypt-Recliners as they drink their Bloodworm Smoothies.

But they do not watch any Werewolf movies on "BOO! TV". Who knows what a full-moon on TV might do?"


D. Thurmond / JEF


Rew. 12-2019


(Note: Follow-up story involving E-Gore and his Pet is called "Mynerva's Night Out".)

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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