How do you finance a higher education these days? Well - creatively. But one young woman never identified by name wants people to understand a little more about living life as a "sugarbaby" (the kept mistress of a wealthy "sugardaddy") - and so she starts a blog to explain it all.

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Notes from the Compiler

The following posts appeared as part of a blog entitled Baby Business: the blog posts appearing from March, 2011, to December of the sa... Read Chapter

March 18

Well...why not? Some blogs I am addicted to, while many of them seem rather pointless. But one genre that always seems to be in style... Read Chapter

March 25

I am running behind, I know. With blogging, that is. Some people seem perfectly attuned to it. Keeping a diary, that is. But I clearl... Read Chapter

April 1

What is supposed to be a funny day, but probably the most unfunny day of the year so far.   Daddy—Daddy #4, as of yester... Read Chapter

April 8

Now Daddy #4 is well and truly history. Living in a hotel, I believe. I dutifully went through the apartment twice—removing anythin... Read Chapter

April 15

I am live again on the matching web site—meaning the SugarBaby matching web site—and messages are starting to roll in after I poste... Read Chapter

April 22

Continuing our tax theme from last week, I did not get a refund this year. I owed something: $5.83. So I dutifully sent that on time. D... Read Chapter

April 29

Having explained some of my policies, now I have to explain how things are starting to get weird: since it seems that I am being pulled... Read Chapter

May 6

That last remark was like catnip to a cat, of course, and “Melvin” is back online with me two days later: bearing more than one oli... Read Chapter

May 13

You may find it amusing that, to audition for a long term intimate arrangement with “Melvin”, I have to make use of a gimmick from ... Read Chapter

May 20

Reading over the last entry, I realize I might have given the impression we were dry humping during that meeting, or otherwise getting ... Read Chapter

May 27

Labor Day almost here and the buzz is all about graduation. I certainly wish it were me taking that short walk in the robe. Moving ... Read Chapter

June 10

 Two weeks to go until my journey.   “Melvin” is messaging me every night. But he has ceased the bedroom chatter—... Read Chapter

June 17

Thinking over what “Melvin” has told me, I would guess that his two ex-wives were born to be optimistic: thinking they understood t... Read Chapter

July 15

Checking the date of the last post, I am appalled to see a whole month has passed between updates. And no creative excuses. Just what a... Read Chapter

August 12

Good heavens. Another month between updates, and — as usual — I feel more ashamed than I probably should. India has nothing on Okla... Read Chapter

August 19

Every woman who hopes to be an exceptional lover—or even just competent—should begin with porn, since scenes from those videos form... Read Chapter

August 26

Following up on last week’s post, I do try to be a sexual educator. But willingness to follow fetishes and fantasies is still critica... Read Chapter

November 4

I never fail to note the ironies of a strange holiday like Halloween: a Christian holiday that basically celebrates evil, death, and pe... Read Chapter

November 18

A cold snap, this week, and all kinds of other reasons to stay inside: since there are several important exams lined up before the Than... Read Chapter

November 27

And so now we know. Ganesh, the boy my parents have said will be perfect for me is the kind of spindly Indian kid that is a perfectly c... Read Chapter

Epilogue from the Compiler

Having discovered this blog in much the same way that you find money on the sidewalk (by accident), I began by copying the entries that... Read Chapter

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