Goodnight Mind

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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



Goodnight Mind

By: Mark Marvin 


Night closes in

The noises dim

Thoughts echoe out from within. 

There is no one, there is nothing. 

Only thoughts of paranoia uncontrollably floating through the emptiness of space time.

Searching for the light. 

Jumping at the smallest glimmer in this dark night. 

Open the blinds. 

The city lights shine bright through my window. 

Casting shadows from the buildings outside.

Built by the men now in the sky. 

I live in their manifestation 

what is left of their hopes, dreams, and devastations. 

An evolved culture of creation. 

Like them I am a creator of the world I live in.

Night and day my mind urges to create the yin and yang of every moment. 

Sending me out on my own well thought out journey.

Creating my own unique story.

© Copyright 2018 Mark Marvin. All rights reserved.