This is my OCD

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This is a Short Story about how my OCD feels sometimes.

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



At 9:00 in the morning the alarm goes off.  I wake up to the delightful sound of small waves in the ocean.  I get up to put on clothes, then I walk to the small kitchen area to make breakfast.  When done, I clean up and head up deck.  I look up at the nice blue sky.  Not a cloud in sight.  The temperature is quite comfortable.  The sun shine feels nice and warm.  This is going to be a great day, I thought to myself.

At 9:30 I get the sails ready.  I look up again to see the clear blue skies.  But, notice a tiny white dot of a cloud.  Since it seems to ruin the rest of the amazing blue sky, so I try to ignore it.  When done, I walk towards the helm.  On my way, I could not help, but look back at the cloud.  It seems a little bigger.  Almost twice the size from before.  But, once again I try not to care.

At 10:00, when I set a course, I put the boat on autopilot.  And because it is nice out, I decided to sit on the deck.  It was a perfect day.  Great temperature and great skies.  Well almost perfect.  I decided to look back at the only cloud in the sky, and it got bigger.  The cloud is now at “normal” size.  I continued to not let it ruin the day.  It is just one cloud and it means nothing.  I closed my eyes and just soaked in the sun.  Not to long after that, I open my eyes with a little anger.  The cloud was bigger and it blocked the sun.  I got up and thought maybe I can move the boat to get another angle. 

As I moved the boat, I saw more clouds soon to form.  And the started to move together.  Did not take long after that, for the beautiful blue sky to be invaded by clouds.  Since I lost a great view I moved the boat back on normal course.  Over time the sunlight seemed to fad more.  I looked up and clouds were turning grey and drops of water started to fall

Light rain began to fall.  I tried really hard to not let it get to me.  I stayed course and just hoped it would stop soon.  I tried to focus on navigating the boat and ignore the rain.  But it did not stop, for the rain was starting to come down a little faster.  Little annoyed I pressed on.  I tried to think of something else to distract myself from the rain.  It seemed to work at first, but the rain kept on getting faster.  Making it harder and harder to ignore.  Eventually it started to rain really hard.  At that point I could not ignore it.  Just when I thought that it could not get any worse, strong winds picked up.  Forcing me to adjust course.

The wind was pressing the cold vile rain on my face.  I was trying my best not let it make me lose focus on navigating the boat.  The winds were also creating strong waves in the ocean.  Some began to abruptly hit the sides of the boat.  This made it even harder to control the boat.  I started to worry that I might not be able to full control it, or at all.

The rain now turned into a severe thunder storm.  Lightning keeps striking the water with great force, causing an unbearably loud thunder.  So, not only am I trying hard to control a ship that keeps moving because of strong winds and waves; but I also have to avoid getting hit by lightning.  Too many things to worry about, making it an overwhelming situation.  I look back at how this day started off so nice and peaceful, but now I am trying everything I got to fight through a storm.

Suddenly, a large ten-foot wave hits me port side.  It knocks me down on the deck.  While lying on the deck I move my head up a little and yell at the sky.  Yelling of pain, frustration, and anger. While losing hope, I just lay there and wait for the storm to pass.  At one point I start to think the storm will not pass.  Eventually, the winds slow down, and the rain goes away.  The storm is gone.  The clouds break up and I feel the warm sun shining on me.  I get up slowly and evaluate the boat and see no major damage.  Before I try to repair the boat, I go and change clothes.  Come back out I see that the clouds have gown away, and nothing but clear blue skies.  I fix some of the boat up and head back to the helm. I set the ship back on course.  Soon, I start to collect myself and things seem to get back to normal at 11:00 am.  I made it through the storm, I thought to myself.  Ten minutes later, I look up at the sky and notice in the distance, a small cloud is forming again.

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