The Calm

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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



The Calm --

If you can find the space-within
To re-arrange your place, and make-it-zen
No matter the drama, you can shape-shift-it. 
You can be calm in the face of abrasive-men,
Or abrasive women, yelling, and anger,-then...
You can take the pain to the page-and-spend-
Time, in the hate, and the rage-and-
Ren-der these emotions...
Into a safety net.

If you can take these feelings that you've got-in-side, then
Cross the t's, and dot-the-i's
Then, when it comes time that these thoughts-arrive
You can invite then in whenever they're droppin'-by.
You'll always be around tornado-ish-beings
I've just learned to get out the way-of-debris
And, I've also learned to not be afraid of the state-of-their-being
So that they can never get in the way-of-my-dreams...
Are usually mean-in-their-phrase-s
Because they can't just see-they're-afraid
They haven't found safety in themselves
So, it's easy-to-blame...others...
For why their life sucks...
And then they've got the nerve to point a finger at you
Like, YOU'RE the reason-it's-lame.


But, it's not...


Because THEY'RE the reason-it's-lame
They're the reason-that-change
Has 'em going freakin'-insane.
Find your safe zone
And start freezin'-the-frame
You're the eye of the hurricane
That eases-the-rain
You're the light in the dark that
Things happening...
'Cause you believe in seizin'-the-day.
Find your safe zone
And you'll be free-in-the-ways
That no one else can be free,
When the feeling-is-safe
Inside you...

See then...

That's something that everyone will see-on-your-face
And, when they wanna know your secret

You can teach-'em-the-ways.

© Copyright 2019 Devin James. All rights reserved.

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