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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



 Still the priest stands at his post, the stars alone grow throughout the darkness, the ethereal glow of ones eyes darkened red, is it man as the writhing angry heat rises, the priests face turns pale as time ends and the figure is exposed as its true form. There is no running but silent gasps, the man who is priest turns silent as he stares into the redness of the ‘mans’ eyes but as the moonlight strikes he sees the being for what he truly is.

“I have come.” Speaks the beast the giant creature who lives to maim and destroy. A glow of red forms around his hands that match the eyes.

“This is insane, is this a dream?” the man cries but he notices blue lights like stars fall from the heavens. A team of angels guard the priest as the monster snarls, “You have taken my prize away from me, this man has sold the very thing that comprises all existence.”

“No…” speaks the chief angel speechless by the deal the priest has made.

“I’ve sold my soul.” –priest

“And he will live with the regret.” Speaks the demon

The team of angels state to the being that his pact with shoal will not stand and that the darkness will not overtake him. From the back of the mighty chief angel lies a sword. “Then I challenge you on his behalf.”

“No matter, you angels are all the same, a step away from hell.” –Demon

The demon ran at the angel as the group watched but with a single strike the demon was split in half. “He is no match for the power of God.”

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