The Surrogate

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Against her wishes, Morata a small town girl is forced by her father to marry a farmer named Jupp. He is incapable of making love properly and tries to get a neighbouring farmer to act as a
surrogate, which ends in disaster. She meets an attractive man and the situation unravels around her.

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



The Surrogate


Jack Kay


Chapter 1 Farmers in the Dell

Jupp Vansetter was born and raised in the area of Green Valley British Columbia where his father owned a lush farm known as the “Corn Stalk”. Corn was their principal crop and along with a large herd of Guernsey cows the family thrived. Jupp’s sister Anna Louise was two years older than he and married at age eighteen and moved to a farm across the valley.

Jupp inherited the farm when his father retired at an early age because of bad health. He met his future wife Morita at the weekly dance in Hazelwood the nearest town, some 20 miles from the farm. He visited her quite often before asking her father who was the local postmaster if he could take her hand in marriage. Jupp’s reputation as a good farmer and owning a very profitable farm was excellent and without even discussing the matter with his daughter her father agreed.

Morita was stunned because in reality she was enamored with a male school teacher at the high school named  Gordon Klink. She was however unable to even address the matter with either her mother or father since they were very deeply religious, thus realizing that she must adhere to their wishes. She married Jupp and they headed off on a honeymoon to Florida where she discovered that it was indeed an enormous mistake because Jupp suffered continuously from premature ejaculation.



Chapter 2 The Friendly Neighbour

Jupp owned a farm near the largest one in the valley owned and operated by Elmer Young. He was a third generation farmer who had numerous crops and several head of cattle which he sold at auction as well as having a large milk quota. Elmer was a flamboyant individual who rarely drank anything except the occasional glass of wine and travelled extensively. He was able to afford many luxuries including that of several young women who he had visit him on numerous sojourns to his exquisite farm house located on a hill in one of his pastures. The road was more than three miles off the main highway but accessible by visitors from a back road.

Elmer was very much liked by all of his friends and farmers who lived nearby. He attended numerous events both summer and winter and was a confidant of Jupp Vansetter. The farmers met for coffee and without knowing it Elmer had taken a liking to Morita. He was unable to understand how she had married Jupp. She was very attractive in a down to earth way. She had lovely dark brown hair and a body , he thought to die for. She was as he constantly noticed a rather full figured woman with a darling round behind and tantalizing breasts. He often fantasized about her, although she rarely spoke to him when they visited or attended functions. Morita was as he guessed not very happy. She visited with her parents and other relatives very often. She spent a lot of time at the library in town, wandering about to the few shops in the town center. She went on a Alaskan cruise with her aunt, and Jupp was very dispirited about that trip she had taken.

Elmer and Jupp met shortly after her return from the travels and he was very upset with Morita.

“I am really annoyed” he said after they met at the Tims in town.“She just ups and decides at the last minute to go with her Aunt Ida to Alaska. Driving herself to Vancouver without discussing anything.”

“She’ll be wanting a good whipping.” joked Elmer.

Jupp sulked quietly for a few minutes and they talked about the arrival of a major milk producer in Center Ville which was only 25 miles from Elmer’s door.

“Wow Jupp this is going to more than double my milk quota with those guys moving into the area.”

“It will sure be great for our bottom line but I would have to more than triple my heard to meet the need so I plan on staying with the my quota and not move into the big leagues like you Elmer. ”

They drank coffee and greeted some other farmers and eventually Jupp whispered to Elmer asking if they could have a quiet conversation.

Elmer agreed and they walked over to the memorial park in the town square. The weather was quite warm for early spring so they sat down on a bench near the cenotaph.

’There is a good reason I guess for Morita to be dissatisfied and you are looking at him next to you.“ said Jupp in a very soft and pitiful voice. He then went on to describe his married life and just how badly everything had gone.

“I guess you are a good enough friend that I can speak plainly.”

“By all means Jupp, it is not easy to discuss personal stuff with your wife I guess.”

“No Elmer its really not anything I can talk about with Morita, we have stopped a long time ago”.

“I think I know what is your problem Jupp and I don’t know much about how to correct it.”

“You are probably guessing its about my inadequacy in bed.” Jupp said glancing away towards the roadway.

Elmer did not comment but took out his tobacco pouch and began rolling a cigarette. He passed it over to Jupp, who rolled one up and they sat in silence and smoked.

’You can talk about it if you like, I am not talking to anyone about this conversation.“

Jupp took a long drag on his smoke and began “ I never been with a woman until we got married three years ago. It began badly and got worse. She was very demanding right from the start. I just found that when I finally got it in, that I blew my load after just a few strokes. Several times I let go before I even got it in. I was just too excited . She would break down in tears every time, and then said that if it didn’t improve she would just tell me to stop and see a doctor. I said I would make an appointment. He was helpful and sent me to a specialist. He said I should use a deadening cream which would help to stop me from shooting too soon. He also told me to think about something else when I mount her. He also mentioned that I should try a different position, like from the rear. He gave me some pamphlets and that was that.”

“So how did that go, was it better?” Elmer said puffing on the dregs of his smoke.

“You know I actually thought I had it beat and began right after to see if it worked and it was worse. Now I was not able to get it up because the cream made me go soft , and with that she stopped sleeping with me , almost six months ago. She barely speaks to me and spends more time with her parents and siblings than she does at home.I bought her a new car to see if she would give me another chance and still she persists in staying away from me. She fixed up the spare room and locks the door at night. She said she is going to move out soon unless things change and thats about it .”

“Sounds like a disaster Jupp. I didn’t get married for that very reason that I wanted to avoid this kind of thing happening in my life. I have girl friends and I owe them nothing, but they still come around for some rolls in the hay.”

“I would hate to lose her and I wonder if there is a way to keep her and still have  her satisfied in the bedroom. Its amazing that I just can’t control myself , even when I take myself in hand, I blow out almost right away. You know I remember Gilbert Good telling me once that he had the same problem and he got a family member to do the job and I guess I just laughed. I thought well it is still in the family. Nobody would be the wiser.”

“You mean that Gilbert got a family member to fuck his wife?’

’Yea exactly, they even had two kids and they were not his, I think it was his cousin who came up every week, gave her stuffing so to speak and they held onto their marriage.“

“Wow that is hard to believe, I mean I am sure everybody in town knew what was happening.”

’Gilbert told me that it was just a few of his relatives that knew.“

“Aha and maybe only the other fifteen hundred people that live in the village.”

They both laughed at Elmer’s comment and Elmer rolled another cigarette.

“ I think I know where this is going Jupp and if you are in need of help I am not sure I can assist you. Your wife would never go for it. I am not a stud, I would need to be sure there was an understanding for the three of us. Also I always go in without any protection and expect my partners to use birth control pills which I pay for. I fuck Nancy Gray every week and she is a good lay as well as being very careful because she has a good job at the Co-operative.”

“Lets just cut to the meat here Jupp, do you mean you want me to fuck your wife and while you watch or just start up a regular relationship to get you off the hook?”

“Yep something like that, and she will eventually just stop bothering me if she has a dose of nooky on a sort of weekly basis.”

Elmer screamed with laughter and sat back hooting at Jupp’s disclosure.

“Look Jupp how long do you think she will go for that before just deciding to move in with me,and as well before you come gunning for me with one of those long guns you have in your collection.”

Jupp sat back on the bench contemplating Elmer’s sentiments. He realized that he had not thought out the scenario very well and decided to go at it from another angle.

“Okay suppose I discuss it with her and we come up with an alternative idea, where she considers having two husbands. You know one who brings home the bacon and the other who does the husbandly sort of things like screwing and such.You can hold the guns if you are worried. There is no doubt she needs a good beating but I will have to leave that to you if you like.”

“Are you kidding Jupp, I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. No thats not a plan, We need to have full control over her and she needs to know that we run her life. She has to be locked up in a room and given a good fucking regularly and understand that we are the bosses.”

Jupp looked earnestly at Elmer and finally stood up and thanked him for the conversation and just before walking over to his truck he called back. “I could never lock her in a room and treat her badly like an animal Elmer. I do love her and wish I was a better husband.”

“Send her over if you want Jupp, no strings attached”



Chapter 3 A Discussion from Hell

Morita was standing out by the out door fence in the back yard when Jupp returned home. She was chatting with the two male farm workers who often came up from their bunk house to speak with her. He noticed that one of them was the last person he had hired. His name was Philip Claussen and the boys in the hired help team called him Philly. He was a tall strong Dutchman with unruly blonde hair and he smoked a pipe. There was something about him that Jupp found interesting . He spoke Dutch fluently and English with an accent. He worked very hard and never needed to be told twice on how to do a job particularly on the fencing which needed to be repaired often. He never went to the village as others did on Saturday night. He often asked to have a ride into the library at the crossroads near the town of  Hazelwood. Another employee, Gale Brooks often also went to the library. She was a server in the cafeteria. They seemed to be friends but Gale was not very bright and it did not seem possible they were anything other than co workers. Jupp waited until the chit chat was over and asked his wife to meet him in the breakfast nook. Eventually she wandered in with two cups of coffee and sat down opposite him.

“I hope this is important Jupp, because so far nothing in our marriage has really worked out very well.” she said lighting a cigarette.

“This is a suggestion for you and a way for us to stay together.I know the problem and so far I can’t make it go away so what if you were satisfied and it was kept secret and we stay married. I will give you a larger allowance and you can travel whenever you want.”

She bent farther across the kitchen table and took her finger and placed it across her lips to make him speak softly.

“ Okay here is the deal. I think I can find one or more guys that are capable of giving you what you need and they might be willing to come around on a regular basis to have a screw, and we take care of them.”

‘What do you mean take care of them?’

“Well you know pay them or whatever.” Jupp said very softly

’Pay them- PAY THEM .“ she screamed .

’Are you crazy Jupp, proposing such a scheme to me.“

She carried on shouting at him and then finally she stood up and smashed her coffee cup on the floor .

“Well if it has to be anyone let it be Henk Vernes.” she said in another spate of anger.

Jupp studied her and the broken cup and then replied in a loud accusatory voice

“The Hazelwood town constable Henk Vernes, the town bachelor, the town asshole.” said Jupp and began to laugh gleefully.



Chapter 4 Henk Verness

A town constable was an appointment made by the Mayor and was usually someone who was innocuous.

In the case of Henk Vernes he got the appointment because of his short term Reserve Service in the Canadian Army. During the Gulf war he had volunteered and joined the British Columbia Hussars. He was trained at camp Vernon and went over to the Gulf with a small contingent of soldiers whose express job was to guard the Royal Canadian Air Force jets parked on a runway in Kuwait. He saw no action but was awarded the Gulf War medal and returned to Hazelwood without  a job.

He was appointed to the job of town constable without much fanfare and got some training at the RCMP Headquarters in Regina. His work schedule was quite intensive. He worked both the night and day shift some how, by taking a nap in the afternoon for an hour. Otherwise he would sleep whenever he could. On the day shift he walked around the town and at night he had a fully equipped police car. He was a sworn police officer and carried a loaded gun which he knew how to use.

Henk  had been to court on numerous occasions and seemed to have pretty good take on criminal and law. His also had a full knowledge of local bylaws.

Morita was a frequent visitor to Hazelwood and it was during one of her visits that she began to speak with Henk in the Vanity Restaurant, a town meeting place. He had seen her on a number of occasions . She was quite attractive and he found that she had a very vivacious smile. After a while they had become quite friendly, but he still kept his distance, so as not to give any of the town’s people a chance to gossip. Generally he was disliked and that was the way he liked it. The town had outfitted him with both summer and winter clothing and he kept everything in sharp order. If they met on the street he made sure that he would keep the conversation very short. It was however a chance to see her as he had become very interested in her, In an effort to make a break through he asked if they could meet some time at the Elmwood Road House for lunch. It was about 20 miles from Hazelwood and would keep them away from tattering tongues.

She dressed up and drove to the Road House and arrived long before they luncheon. She was extremely excited. She kept saying to herself“I have finally met a real man.” They spoke in almost whispers, he was upfront with her by telling her he really liked her but they would have to be very careful. She responded by saying that she was married and the word would get back to her husband. Henk suggested they go farther down in the Valley to a town called Valley Haven .

He put his interest in very kind words by saying He wanted to get to know her better. She responded by expressing similar sentiments. When they left the restaurant they embraced and he kissed her in which she felt thrilled. She got into her car and realized she was drenched in the front of her slacks.



Chapter 5 A  Rendezvous in the Glenn Heaven Motel

The issue of their marriage did not surface again over the next several months and Morita for some reason seemed to be much happier. He did not ask in fear of having a wrathful attack from her. She was of course meeting with her paramour who she had come to adore. Within a week of their conversation they met in a motel near Kelowna called the Glenn Heaven. He was waiting for her when she arrived . The trip had taken nearly 45 minutes from the farm.

He had rented a room at the far end of the motel just far enough away to maintain their secrecy. He had brought sandwiches which they munched on and drank soft drinks. He had taken his own private vehicle so there were no questions.

“What should we do next?” she a asked in a questioning way.

“Morita we can discuss the situation or we can …ah perhaps take the next step.”

“I won’t ask you what that is Henk and you just tell me what you would like and I will do it without asking any questions.”

With that he remained silent and began to unbutton his shirt and she stood up and slipped off her dress, Before long they were both completely undressed and began inspecting each other. He was taken with her classic beauty. She was a well proportioned woman with the natural attributes he had long admired at a distance. She appeared to enjoy being undressed. They remained silent as they admired each other. He was erect and she noticed he was of average size and length. He had a muscular body with clear skin and chunky arms. He took her in his arms and ran his hand down her back slowly massaging her and feeling her nicely formed buttocks.She also began to stroke his backside and they giggled when he whispered to her that they both like the same things. She was now drenched in her vaginal area and they had their arms about each other as they fell into the king size bed. He waited for her now and they kissed for quite a long time. She then reached down and took hold of his erect penis and guided it in and he moved back and forth very slowly. She grew very excited and began to whimper. He kept up his even strokes and she began to push herself up to meet his thrusting. He reached down and began to run his hands over her breasts , softly and it caused her to begin to cry out to him.  He kept up his steady rhythm and she felt she was completely loosing control. The minutes seem to just melt away as he kept up his onslaught of pushing and pulling . She was now in tears and he knew she would soon begin to reach her climax, she moaned over and over again and then he began to quicken his pace which caused her to cry out his name and as he got faster, she bounded up and down on the bed , shouting every word she could use to describe the rapture she was undergoing. He suddenly knew he was near his end, and with a rush came with his tool shooting into her a discharge of seed and at which time he cried out and moaned.

He kissed her and she clung to him, very tightly and then in exhaustion they fell back on the bed laying motionless.Within minutes they were clutching each other, and continuing their unbridled passion. She was unable to control herself and mounted him on top and plunged up and down and became so excited that she almost lost consciousness. Again they arrived at the very optimum of their sexual prowess and fell drenched in sweat onto the bed, breathing heavily.

They were unable to speak for several minutes. Henk was astonished at her torrid sexual animation.He continued to rub his hands over her very wet behind and she responded by taking hold of his penis and doing the same until they fell into a deep sleep. They both left two hours later just before dark at which time they could not take their hands off of each other.



Chapter 6 The Cottage in the  Country

They met on a regular basis at a variety of Motels in the area. It was pure joy for them both.Henk knew they needed a permanent place and one day he saw the ideal place. He was travelling to a meeting of police officers in Vancouver and saw a run down cottage with a For Sale sign fifteen miles from Hazelwood in the village of Evergreen. He inquired and after several changing offers purchased the building. It was completely falling apart but with the help of his brother and father they tore it apart and over the period of several weeks refurbished it completely. The plumbing was replaced and the walls were torn out and supplanted. Henk’s mother decorated the living room and bedroom and in the kitchen they purchased new appliances. Henk’s uncle came out from Prince George and repainted the outside of the building and roofers came and rebuilt the roof and replaced the tiles. They planted grass and flowers and the place was turned into a small palace It was only a 100 yards from Bounty Lake, a paradise for fishermen.

Morita was stunned by how beautiful the cottage was and began to spend time there through the summer. Jupp found the situation very awkward but he realized that she was seeing Henk very often and he angrily confronted her with an ultimatum.

“Okay the fun is over for you Morita and it has to stop before people begin to gab, the farm hands are already yakking about you.” he said one morning.She did not respond not wanting to become involved in a confrontation.

He continued his rant “I am taking away your car and your allowance until you wake up to the fact that we are married and you have to stop this nonsense. I want the keys and also the credit card you have right now. When you wake up your benefits will be returned. But for now you are to stay home and look after my wants.”

She sat very quietly and did not utter a sound. She decided the time was ripe for her to announce her intentions.

“Jupp I want a divorce, this marriage is not a marriage at all. You should have known by now that it is over and was over a long time ago.You have now come up with a silly idea to make me a prisoner in this home.I won’t allow it because the first chance I get I will be gone and you will never see me again. Even if I have to walk to town , I will do it and when the time comes you will pay for all this indignity. I will pack up what is mine and leave and call a cab today. Now be civilized, be a man for once and just let me go. I will not bother you for a penny , not a thing. You can even keep all my clothes I purchase with YOUR money,” she said emphatically.

She lit a cigarette and waited for him to digest her words. They sat in utter silence. A dog barked at a  squirrel and the sound of farm machinery filled the room. Damn her he though she has got me cornered, and I am left with nothing to say. He got up and filled his coffee cup.

“I figure you owe me a pile of money for all the trouble you have given me.”

“What trouble is that Jupp,the bed time adventure which took about 30 seconds or the food budget which is enough to feed two birds or……

Jupp’s face reddened and he reached across the table and slapped her very hard across the face and then grabbed her hair , pulling her up from the chair. He  began to smack her across the back and buttocks. He took hold of her skirt and pulled it off. She fought him off but he was too strong. He kept on holding her hair while she screamed. Jupp again hit across the face smacking so hard that she began to bleed from her face and a split lip. She fell into a heap onto the floor and he started to kick her . She kept on bellowing for help. Suddenly the kitchen door was pushed open , with the Dutch farm hand Phillip Claussen taking hold of Jupp, placing his very potent hands around Jupp. He tried to get out of the grip but the man known as Philly had a tight rein on him. Morita could barely scramble up and ran out through the door dripping blood as she ran. When she reached the bottom of the stairs , another of the farm workers took hold of her, placing her in the seat of the farm truck and raced out through the gate, taking her to Hazelwood Hospital some ten miles away.He took her directly to the emergency door where two nurses placed her in a hospital gurney, rushing her to the emergency operating room.



Chapter 7 Down But Not Out

Morita was kept in the Regional Hospital for several days. She had several contusions and her lip needed 10 stitches. Her back and buttocks were black and blue and her hair was a mess with several tufts being pulled out by Jupp. She also had been struck in her ear , and hear a ringing in her hearing. She had no clothing and was dressed in hospitable gowns. Her father brought her several necessities and a robe as well as other items of clothing. The RCMP from Appleton came over for a statement and Jupp was arrested as she wished to press charges. Henk arrived as soon as he learned from her father that she had been attacked. She was asleep when he arrived late that night having been given sedatives.

When she awoke the next morning early she was in severe pain and they gave her medication to ease her suffering. He remained until she felt comfortable. He drove over to Appleton to see the RCMP and explain his involvement. He talked for quite a while giving a low down on his relationship and was advised to keep a low profile for the time being.

Henk visited with Morita. She had a difficult time to speak because of her cut lip but she was able to converse. He tried not to show his anger but it was difficult.

“I’m in severe pain most of the time but they give me a pain killer. Mostly in my back and fanny.” she said trying to smile.

“I will kiss it and make it better”, he said jokingly.

She laughed but it really was causing her misery. Just before she was to be released from hospital a routine examination revealed that she had two badly cracked ribs and she had to be placed in traction for two weeks. It was a setback but in the meantime other developments took over her situation!



Chapter 8 Love Takes a Tumble

Philip Claussen was fired from his job at the farm for what was termed an attack on the owner. The truck driver who dove Morita to the hospitable, Micky Olds also lost his job. Neither one were too upset because they went to work the next day at the Home Depot in Vernon a few miles from Hazelwood. She was happy when they came on a visit to the hospital because she did not have an opportunity to thank them for coming to her rescue. They sat with her and talked for a few minutes with her and she suddenly felt some pangs of affection for Philip. He was very soft spoken and polite. Mickey Olds left within a few minutes and she sat talking as much as could speak with the Dutchman. He spoke of his fight with Jupp and said that he tried to calm him down but the man was just too angry and vicious.

“What did you have to do to stop him from hurting me, I am curious?” she said seriously.

“I hate to have to tell you Morita, I hit him soundly with my fist straight in the face and he fell in a pile at my feet,”

“I am so proud of you Philip, you came to my rescue.”

He leaned over and they kissed very passionately, and after several weeks of sobriety she felt wet, and s they hugged, she reached over and outside of his pants took hold of his penis. He was fully erect and she could feel that he was immense. She held on and ran her hand up and down and he was fully in her power. She moaned slightly, and he backed away.

“ If It was not for my ribs or lip, Philly. ” she said in a hoarse voice to him.” I hope we can carry this on when I get back on my feet.”

He kissed her again and left when the nurse came in to give her some medications. It was a very pleasant interlude for her and the nurse seeing that she had a dreamy look on her face smiled and handed her a wash cloth.

As she left she turned to Morita and said “Best to not have too much excitement for now Morita”




During the two weeks that Morita was convalescing from her cracked ribs, Henk had stayed away from the hospital. She was surprised but thought he may have been enjoined to not fraternize with her. She was picked up from the hospital by Philip who came in a cab for her. She was still feeling discomfort.

Just the same she kissed and hugged with Philip and she holding each other until they reached her father’s house.She invited him in and explained to her father who he was and that he had stepped in when Jupp was beating her. He left a short time later and she took up residence in her family home. As the weeks dragged by she waited for the RCMP came to interview her and when they finally visited she decided to withdraw her charges against her husband. She visited a lawyer who recommended that she seek a separation with demands for alimony payment as well as damages for the beating he had administered. She was granted $1,000 per month and Five thousand dollars for the pain and suffering.She purchased a six year old car with the money and payed her father room and board to help with the expenses. All of her possessions were returned to her including her clothing. Philip was a constant visitor but she would not go out with him. They would sit in the living room, often getting quite passionate but holding off of any real intimacy.

Her ribs healed up after a few months. One night Henk called saying he wanted to see her. She invited him over for the next evening . it was because the RCMP had warned him to lay low from her. She cried as he spoke and then told him that she felt that the matter should be closed for both of their benefits. She did not want to be responsible for him losing his job. She also thought it was a good time to move on with their lives.He mentioned that the cottage had been refurbished for her and that he would have sought marriage with her.

“Frankly Henk we need to move on, simply because I just can’t live in this area. People are looking at me like I was a pueraria. It does not matter that Jupp beat me up , I caused the problem . Thats what all these bible thumping assholes believe. I will have to move on as soon as I am completely healed. I do appreciate your wonderful love making , it was a dream really and I have to say that it made me a real woman. For that I am sincerely grateful.” she said as the tears rolled down her face.

They kissed and he left and that portion of her life was over.



Chapter 9 Moving On

Morita discussed her plight with both her father and with Philip and within a few weeks moved to Williams Lake, about fifty miles from Hazelton.. Her car was packed solid with her possessions as she drove to her destination. She took temporary accommodation at a Motel outside of town, and began to search for a permanent  residence . On her second day she met with a local realtor who directed her to a apartment building that had bachelor style apartments. She rented one with a large room that was both the living and bed room with a  kitchen. Within few days she had moved in purchased some furniture as well as stocking the kitchen. Nearby there was a pub where she applied to wait tables, and was hired on the spot.

Philip showed up a few weeks later, but lived in a motel while he looked for work.She was surprised that he seemed to have a enough money to survive, but he said he was okay. They began to have relations shortly after he arrived, for which she found very satisfying. She began to question him about his past and one day over coffee he told her about his life.

Philip explained that he was not a Dutchman. He had grown up in Durban South Africa. His parents were teachers and sent him to private schools. He was selected for medical school and graduated as a Doctor after interning at the Durban Hospital. Three years after he began work as an emergency Doctor his parents left South Africa moved to Australia. He was undecided whether to follow them, but applied for work in Canada and was accepted immediately.

He began work as an emergency Doctor in the Vancouver General Hospitable. The work as he described it was less demanding but he was dismayed at the number of drug related problems that he was confronted with. The situation began to wear him down. Philip said that there was a terrible misuse of a system designed to take care of people who were really sick.

“I went to my supervisor and he had no answer for me and I grew more despondent. My world as a Doctor was crumbling around me. In on day I had to often treat 10-to 15 addicts. Some days we had only a few minutes to see the elderly or pregnant women. The situation grew so bad that some of us were going to go on strike. Finally in my desperation at my work load with the druggie’s , I handed in my resignation. Almost immediately I received offers to do work as a locum. The pay was good but the jobs were few and far between. I just had to get away and do some kind of manual labor and get my head together.”

Philip stopped and wiped tears from his eyes . Morita wrapped her arms around him and held him as he sobbed.

“Is that when you took the job on Jupp’s farm.” she asked.

“Yes I went to two or three places and applied, I was a complete neophyte but some how I stumbled through it all and I began to feel much better. The idea of just doing a doing a mindless job without  having any repercussions appealed to me. I thought if I could do it for a year or so, it would help me to get back on track. It was only when you ex husband was beating you up that I realized how much ugliness there was everywhere.”

She kissed him and held him very tight. He smelled good to her and she felt comforted in the fact that they were growing close together.

“ If you could start practicing medicine again wouldn’t it be better in this small town, they don’t have a Doctor here and I am sure the people would welcome you with open arms. A contract with the Provincial medical plan and ……”

He began to answer.

She interrupted him“ Why not just go in front of the town council and lay out a plan and ask if they would give or loan us the money.”

He raised his head up and smiled at her. “ May I ask he said chuckling who are the us you mentioned.”

“ Why you and your receptionist of course, me your future wife.”




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