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Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



I tried to hold on to you because it was easier that way

With you here, I would never have to start over

I would never have to learn to trust again

I could learn to love you in a way only a woman can love a man

I can help you, mold you, into the man I need you to be

We’ve shared so much time you see

Our hours together counting further than numbers can go

Our laughs making up for the tears

For the years I will have to spend praying and working and working and praying

For you

For the changed man you could become

I see your potential

And it is that potential that is going to be the oil to my motor

So that I can run, even while on empty

Praying and working, and working and praying

For you

With you, everything is comfortable

Even when it isn’t comfortable

Because remember,

I see your potential

We have the rest of our lives to be made into each other’s perfect mates

So why don’t we just start now so that the good, happy years can be increased before us

If only it were that easy

God doesn’t work for our comfort

And, unfortunately, your potential is not enough

It will never be enough and you will always have just that


How nice would it be for us to grow old together

To have all of these years behind us to look back on

But how many of those memories will be fond

In this situation the bad won’t be outweighed by the good

And I tried harder than I should

And you worked less than you could

For us

For me

You see, it was only I that wanted this to work out of fear of discomfort

But because you were too lazy to try again, you decided to stick with me too

So in the end I got the man I think I wanted,

And you never got to know the real you

So I prayed and worked, and worked and prayed

And to my dismay, you stayed

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